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International Press Brief

Algeria in protest 

After six weeks of mass protests and growing pressure on the regime, with the Army Chief of Staff calling for the use of article 102 of Algeria’s Constitution prediction the oust of a sick president, Bouteflika finally resigned. Protesters, however, are not satisfied and have taken to the streets again, demanding a regime change.

India & Pakistan escalating tensions

After a terrorist attack, the shot of fighter jets raised the level of tensions between the two nuclear powers in South Asia over the disputed region of Kashmir. Pakistan, as a gesture of good faith, released the Indian pilot captured on February 27. Will this step be enough to avoid further escalation of violence?


Conference «Recent Developments in The Maghreb Region: Are Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia on a Road to Democracy?»
The conference «Recent Developments in The Maghreb Region: Are Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia on a Road to Democracy?» happens on 29th April, from 09h30 to 12h30, at Auditorium 1, Tower B, NOVA FCSH. The event is organized by IPRI-NOVA and European Endowment for Democracy.

Research Seminar «Governance, Regulation and Economic Integration»
The Research Seminar «Governance, Regulation and Economic Integration» happens on 8th May, by 10h00, at ISEG (Auditorium 3). The event is organized by Luís Aguisar Santos (ISEG/UL) and Alice Cunha (NOVA FCSH).

IPRI in the News

Os usos e abusos da islamofobia
José Pedro Teixeira Fernandes
Público, 16 | April | 2019

A globalização não espera pela Europa
Bernardo Pires de Lima
Diário de Notícias, 13 | April | 2019

Netanyahu corrompe (alegadamente) mas ganha eleições
Carlos Branco
Jornal Económico, 12 | April | 2019

Working Papers

Working Paper n.º 58/2019
«When The Lenders Leave Town: Partisanship, Electoral Calculations and Vested Interests as Determinants of Policy Reversals in Spain and Portugal»

Catherine Moury, Daniel Cardoso, & Angie Gago, IPRI-NOVA & Université de Lausanne

Working Paper n.º 57/2018
«Migration crisis in the EU: developing a framework for analysis of national security and defence strategies»
João Estevens, IPRI-NOVA

Working Paper n.º 56/2017
«Labour Market Reforms and the Crisis in Portugal: No change, U-Turn or New Departure?»
Daniel Cardoso & Rui Branco, IPRI-NOVA

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