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International Press Brief

French Presidential Election
The French presidential elections are taking place in April 23rd. The different political forces are getting ready for the campaign, that is probably going to be very disputed, due to the ideological diversity of the candidates, and the social divisions of a population increasingly discontent. The major candidates that are going to run the first round are François Fillon (UMP), Marine Le Pen (FN), Emmanuel Macron (Independent), Benoît Hamon (PS), Jean-Luc Mélechon (FG), and Yannick Jadot (EELV).

Syrian War

After the escalation of the Syrian conflict and the humanitarian catastrophe in Aleppo, the UN Security Council approved unanimously a resolution that allows the deployment of international observers to monitor the evacuation of civilians from the war zone. This resolution revived the debate over the merits of the Responsibility to Protect doctrine.


Thirty years of the Joint Declaration: Portugal, China, and Macau
To mark the 30th anniversary of the Luso-Chinese Joint Declaration, the Orient Foundation, IPRI-NOVA, and the Diplomatic Institute are organizing a conference about the topic. It will take place at Museu do Oriente, on April 4th, starting at 10am.

A strategic Mission of Democratic Portugal
On the 40th anniversary of Portuguese formal request to be a member-state of the EEC (March 28th, 1977) the Diplomatic Institute, together with the European Institute of FDUL, the IHC-FCSH/NOVA and IPRI-NOVA organize the conference "A Strategic Mission of Democratic Portugal". The event will take place in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters, on March 28th, between 10:00 and 18:00.

Documentary 'Europe 30'

Nuno Severiano Teixeira (IPRI-NOVA Director) and David Castaño (IPRI-NOVA Researcher) are the authors of the documentary entitled 'Europe 30'. that aims to reflect about the Portuguese integration in the European Union, since 1986. Produced by Vende-se Filmes and directed by Joana Pontes. Episodes to be broadcasted on Wednesdays, at 8:50pm, by RTP2.

IPRI in the News

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Working Papers

Working Paper n.º 56/2017
«Labour Market Reforms and the Crisis in Portugal: No change, U-Turn or New Departure?»
Daniel Cardoso & Rui Branco, IPRI-NOVA

Working Paper n.º 55/2016
«A mudança institucional nos sistemas de informações: a transição para a democracia e o 11 de setembro. Portugal e Espanha em perspetiva comparada»
João Estevens, IPRI-NOVA

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