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IPRI-NOVA, is recruiting a PhD holder in International Relations within the context of the project UIDP/04627/2020 – Instituto Português de Relações Internacionais – Universidade Nova de Lisboa

The contracted researcher will become a member of the project team, participating in the following scientific research and knowledge dissemination tasks:

- Submission of applications for national and international funding;

- Publication of articles in journals of high international impact;

- Participation in publishing projects;

- Participation in national and international research projects;

- Participation in national and international congresses and scientific events;

- Promotion and organization of scientific events, seminars and discussion forums;

- Promotion and participation in dissemination activities.


The assessment of the scientific and curricular career, taking into account the profile suitable for the activities to be undertaken, focuses on the relevance, quality and up-to-datedness of:

a) the scientific, cultural and artistic production in the last five years considered most relevant by the candidate;

b) the research activities developed in the last five years and considered by the candidate as having the greatest impact;

c) the extension and dissemination of knowledge activities developed in the last five years, particularly in the context of promoting scientific culture and practices, which is considered by the candidate as having the greatest relevance;

d) the work plan – research project that the candidate proposes to carry out.


The classification system for the candidates will be expressed on a scale of 0 to 100 points 10

The assessment criteria for the candidates are the following:

a) Scientific, cultural and artistic production considered most relevant by the candidate, linked to the position open for applications, namely books, book chapters, scientific papers in refereed journals, with the intrinsic quality of its content being assessed (0-40 points);

b) Research activities considered by the candidate(s) to have had the greatest impact, link to the vacant post, considering their coordination of and/or participation in research projects assessed by national or international entities; the submission of approved and non-approved applications; papers presented at scientific meetings; scientific arbitration activities; participation in networks and partnerships; the research project proposal and its activity plan (0-20 points);

c) Extension and/or dissemination activities considered to have had the greatest impact by the candidate, linked to the post being applied for, including the organization of scientific meetings; the issuing of opinions; studies and reports for public and private entities and civil society stakeholders; spread of knowledge to extended publics; presentation of research results within the media (0-15 points).

d) Work plan – research project (0-25 pontos). 11 - Candidates who do not obtain a final classification equal to or higher than 80 points shall not be included in the applicants for the post, due to lack of absolute merit.


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