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Zimbabwe: factional war of susccession
10 | December | 2017

On November 15th, there was a pacific military coup leading to the resignation of Robert Mugabe, then President of Zimbabwe, for the last 37 years. The liberation war veterans were the perpetrators due to an increasing competition in the dominant-party ZANU-PF. Behind it, there is a dissatisfaction with the removal of former Vice-President, Emmerson Mnangagwa and the rise of the First lady Grace Mugabe as a potential successor.

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Brexit II
4 | December | 2017

On March 29th, Theresa May formally activated the article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, triggering the process of negotiations that will lead to the permanent separation between the United Kingdom and the EU. If one considers the speech of the British prime-minister, given in January, the idea of a hard Brexit gains track casting a shade of skepticism over the next two years.

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German Parliamentary Election
4 | December | 2017

In the elections for the German Parliament, Angela Merkel’s CDU wins mandate for 4th term, despite suffering, like Martin Schulz’s SPD, their worst-ever general election result. These elections also mark far—right AfD’s début in Parliament since 1945. The SPD’s rejection of the grand coalition means several options are open for the forming of the upcoming government. 

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Tensions with North Korea
4 | December | 2017

Following the successful launching, by North Korea, of an intercontinental ballistic missile, on July 4th, tensions in the Korean peninsula are mounting, as well as the level of threat to international security.

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