Weekly International
Press Brief
02 - 06 : IV : 2018


Hungarian Elections

> Hungarian Politics Is About to Enter a New Period — No Matter Who Wins the Elections

> Señales positivas en Hungría

> Orban Doesn't Look So Invincible Anymore


> Gaza Protests Mark Shift in Palestinian National Consciousness

Trilateral Summit on Síria: Russia, Turkey and Iran

> Turkey's New Alliances: Why It Is Partnering With Its Former Rivals

Trade Wars

> The Power to Declare Trade War

> American trade policy returns to “aggressive unilateralism”

> More than Soybeans: Trump’s Section 301 Tariffs and China’s Response

Arch of Crisis

> Will Yemen's Houthis Stop Fighting in Exchange for a Political Victory?

> Do the Western Balkans face a coming Russian storm?


> Al-Qaeda’s Long Game

> Counterterrorism Yearbook 2018

> L’évolution de la politique russe en matière de lutte antiterroriste : de la Tchétchénie à la Syrie

> ISIS 2.0 Is Really Just the Original ISIS

Great Powers

> Presidents for life Putin and Xi menace the West

> Trump and Xi Agree: Short-Term Gain for Long-Term Pain

> Cybersecurity in Sino-American Relations


> Is Google endangering American national security?

> The American Economy: A European view


> China’s Military Modernisation: Recent trends

> How China Ends Wars: Implications for East Asian and U.S. Security


> The Putin System

> Putin's Postmodern War with The West

European Union

> Wishful Brexiting: Ou la complexe traduction des vœux britanniques en réalités

> La politique étrangère européenne en 2027: se préparer à l’inattendu

> Debt mutualisation, inflation and populism in the Eurozone

> Les partenariats entre l’Union européenne et les pays africains sur les migrations. Un enjeu commun, des intérêts contradictoires

Middle East

> Bahrain Enters the Oil Big League

> Salafists, Mercenaries and Body Snatchers: The War for Libya’s South

> 2018 Iraqi Elections: Three Observations Doubts the Effectiveness of the Next Government

Latin America

> El PRI vuelve a los tecnócratas

> Latin America's First Election of 2018 Was... Normal

> Time to Tighten the Screws on Cuba?

> Another ex-dictator passes in Latin America. Why this one matters.

> The Summit of the Unpopular and the Lame Ducks


> Decades Under the Influence: How Europe's Parties Have Been Shifting Right

> Juegos malabares en Italia para formar gobierno

> An Uncertain Year Ahead for the North Caucasus


> Power Transitions: Thucydides Didn’t Live in East Asia

> Tajikistan and Uzbekistan: a welcome but fragile thaw

> The shift to proportional representation: Is it time for India?

> How to Expose China's Actions in the South China Sea


> Can Abiy Ahmed Save Ethiopia?

> Zambia’s opposition knows impeachment will fail. So what’s its game?

> Refugees and peace in the Central African Republic

> “Open Burkina Faso” – a target of violence


> NATO's Bad Apples


> Colombia Is Ready to Join the Club

International Security

> North Korea and the ANZUS Treaty

Democracy Crisis

> Is democracy actually in retreat? There’s some evidence to the contrary


> Cybersecurity and the New Era of Space Activities


> The Right Way to Coerce North Korea: Ending the Threat Without Going to War

Books & Reviews

> The Extreme Gone Mainstream: Commercialization and Far Right Youth Culture in Germany [Introduction]

> A History of Denial

> ¿Por qué Estados Unidos pierde todas las guerras que comienza?

> Was the 2016 Election a Game of ‘Russian Roulette’?

> Une nouvelle "noblesse d'Etat"?

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