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Weekly International
Press Brief
27 - 31 : VII : 2020 


US-China Tensions

> U.S.-China confrontation is like nothing we’ve seen before

> Yes, to balance China, let’s bring Russia in from the cold

> Mike Pompeo Just Declared America’s New China Policy: Regime Change

Transatlantic Relations

> Trans-Atlantic Ties Should Put Finance, Not Security, First

> Trump’s Troop Move Is 21st-Century Strategy

EU: Recovery Fund

> Europe’s Expensive Coronavirus Summit

> The European Council and Europe's Magic Lantern

> Is the EU Council agreement aligned with the Green Deal ambitions?

US Presidential Election

> Trump Is the Election Crisis He Warns About

> Here’s How Biden’s Possible VP Picks Stack Up on Foreign Policy


> The Mosque, the Dam, and Erdogan’s Widening Culture War

> The New Turn in Turkey’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East

> Damaging judicial impartiality


> The inevitable partner: Why Europe needs to re-engage with Africa

> Implications of COVID-19 for a new Africa–Europe Strategic Partnership

> Refocusing the Africa-EU strategy


> The Tactics and Targets of Domestic Terrorists

> Boko Haram’s Expansionary Project in Northwestern Nigeria


> The American-style Covid-19 recession

> America Must Become a World Model Again

> Racial Cycles

> The Third Neighbor: Can America Live With Putin's Russia?


> China’s Pandemic Power Play

> Post-COVID, China Set to Gain in Central Asia

> Can China’s Military Win the Tech War?

> China’s Eurasian Ambitions


> Russia’s Permanent Revolution of Dignity

> Russie: les patrons de l’énergie face aux sanctions occidentales

> Why the anti-Putin protests in Russia’s eastern city are something new

> Networks and Links: Why Russia’s Infrastructure is Holding Back its Pivot to Asia

European Union

> Europe's helpless foreign policy

> Vers la fin de l’Union européenne ou son renouveau ?

> The Future of the E3: Post-Brexit Cooperation Between the UK, France and Germany

> The Impact of Monetary Policy on Structural Reforms in the Euro Area

Middle East

> Tarhuna, Mass Graves, and Libya’s Internationalized Civil War

> The UAE in Libya and Yemen: Different Tactics, One Goal

> The End of the Middle East’s Trickle-Down Economy

> Assessing Iraqi Kurdistan's stability: how patronage shapes conflict

> Regional Power United Arab Emirates

Latin America

> ¿Qué hacer ante el órdago electoral en Venezuela?

> Perú: reforma política y elecciones

> Needed: Latin Leadership for a New Inter-American System

> Bolivia: A Pivotal Moment for Populism and the Pandemic Response


> Could ASEAN move the region beyond the US–China dynamic?

> Resuming of a Frozen Conflict: Escalating Tensions on the Azerbaijani-Armenian Border

> Which Side Would the U.S. Public Choose in an India-China Conflict?

> How COVID-19 is Changing Indian Federalism


> Why Ukraine Really Is On the Road to Reform

> A Revival of the Left in the Age of Coronavirus?


> Sudan, a coup laboratory

> Covid-19 is accelerating multilateralism in Africa

> Elections in Côte d’Ivoire: President Ouattara’s Dilemma

> Kenya’s electoral authoritarianism

Democracy & Authoritarianism

> Can Elections Be Credible During a Pandemic?

> The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Populism, Nativism, Isolationism, and Protectionism


> Russia’s Behaviour Risks Weaponizing Outer Space

> La militarización del espacio, ¿hacia una carrera de armas en la atmósfera?

> The Assumptions of the New U.S. “Defense Space Strategy”

Technology and international relations

> Could a Bridge between the EU and Latin America Boost Innovation "Sovereignty" in a Multipolar World?

> Europe, The Us And Huawei: Do Hang Up!


> The Global God Divide

> Religion and Forced Displacement in the Eastern Orthodox World

Books & Reviews

> Turkey in Transition: The Dynamics of Domestic and Foreign Politics [Introduction]

> A KGB Man to the End

> El ascenso al poder de Mohammed bin Salmán

> Les années 1990, un continent inexploré

> Superpower showdown


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