Weekly International
Press Brief
17 - 21 : IX : 2018


Korean Question

What ‘denuclearisation’ means to Kim Jong-un

Progress in North Korea—but We’ve Seen This Before

Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Trump Is Reinventing the U.S. Approach to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

ECFR’s two state parameters

Arch of Crisis

Is the Taliban Prepared to Make Peace?


On the Anniversary of 9/11, We Reflect on the War Against Jihadism

Great Powers

The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road: Security implications and ways forward for the European Union

Stop Obsessing About China: Why Beijing Will Not Imperil U.S. Hegemony


Radical Politics, Old Ideas

Applying America’s Superpowers: How The U.S. Should Respond to China’s Informatization Strategy


The Belt and Road Initiative: A Bellwether of China’s Role in Global Governance

Chinese Strategy, Military Forces, and Economics: The Metrics of Cooperation, Competition and/or Conflict

As Trade War Rages, China’s Economic Tightrope Tremors


Why Russia’s Crimean Consensus Is Over (And What Comes Next)

Will Populism Come To Russia?

Russia’s Vostok Exercises Were Both Serious Planning and a Show

Russian Analytical Digest: Russian Siloviki

European Union

In the EU’s Eastern Partnership, Western Dissension Opens Doors for Putin

The economic potential and risks of crypto assets: is a regulatory framework needed?

¿Una nueva agenda? La narrativa de la seguridad en el discurso europeo del desarrollo

Central Europe in the Negotiations of the EU Multiannual Financial Framework

Middle East

The Basra Exception

Mosaics of Power: Fragmentation of the Syrian state since 2011

The Iranian Land Bridge in the Levant: The Return of Territory in Geopolitics

Latin America

Latin America is facing its worst refugee crisis in its history. Will it repeat the EU’s mistakes regarding Syrian refugees?

La Argentina de Macri naufraga por la crisis

Costa Rica: Choosing a Path to Build and Sustain Peace


Italia: la coalición ante la dura realidad de los números

EU Fears of Balkan Ghosts at Kosovo-Serbia Border Changes

Post-Truth Germany


Timor-Leste – Cohabitation: the tug-of-war continues

Are We Being Played in the Pacific?

Election Season in India's Dangerous Democracy

Cambodian Politics Enters Its Post-Election Phase


La suppression des limites d’âge présidentiel place l’Ouganda sur une voie d’instabilité

Can Ethiopia's Reforms Succeed?

Demovcracy & Authoritarianism

State Transformation and Authoritarian Governance: The Emergence of Participatory Authoritarianism?

Religion & Politics

When Do Religious Minorities' Grievances Lead to Peaceful or Violent Protest? Evidence from Canada’s Jewish and Muslim Communities

International Order

While We Were Planning: Unexpected Developments in International Politics

Transatlantic Relations

Managing Global Disorder: Prospects for Transatlantic Cooperation

Fort Trump, Fortress Poland?

 Energy Security

Russia’s evolving gas relationship with the European Union: Trade surges despite political crises


Elecciones y ciberseguridad

Beyond Killer Robots: How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Resilience in Cyber Space 


What We Talk About When We Talk About Liberalism

Books & Reviews

The Euro and the Battle of Ideas [Chapter 1]

Europa y el resto del mundo

Anne Wolf’s ‘Political Islam in Tunisia’

El libro de los libros de Niall Ferguson

Alemania, más allá de los tópicos

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