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Weekly International
Press Brief
11 - 15 : III : 2019



Europe Without the UK: Liberated or Diminished?

The Great Realignment of Britain

Terrorism in New Zealand

Five initial thoughts on the New Zealand terrorist attack

The Terror Attack is New Zealand’s Darkest Day

Protesting Algeria

Algeria, Where is Your African Revolution?

The Path to a Second Republic in Algeria

Changing Sudan

Sudan’s Shifting Calculus of Power

Pressure from the People in Sudan

Trade Wars

> India is Trump’s Next Target in the Trade War

The European Union’s response to the trade crisis

Cybersecurity & International Security

An Urgent Strategy to Secure U.S. Elections

El despliegue de las redes 5G, o la geopolítica digital

Hanói Summit

The Next Stage of the Korean Peace Process

Trump’s Hanoi Walkout Upends South Korean Politics

Venezuela’s Crisis

Maduro’s hidden censorship apparatus

How Turkey's Lifeline to Maduro May Fall Apart

Syrian War

Turkey in Syria After a U.S. Withdrawal: A Poisoned Chalice

The Best of Bad Options for Syria’s Idlib

400 American Troops Can’t Do Anything


Jaish-e-Mohammed: Under the Hood

The state of Islamic threat in Central Asia: assessing the threat of terrorism from Central Asia


Why Trump’s ‘Maximum Pressure’ Campaigns Are Failing

Is the Senate’s Rejection of Trump’s Emergency Plan a Turning Point?

America's Polarization Is a Foreign Policy Problem, Too

Banking on the Cold War


China’s Provinces Can’t Afford Beijing’s Development Plans

Chairman Xi Remakes the PLA: Assessing Chinese Military Reforms


5 Years Since Russia’s Intervention in Ukraine: Has Putin’s Gamble Paid Off?

Familiarity breeds contempt: Why Russia makes mistakes on the world stage

Russia’s Next Land Grab Won’t Be in an Ex-Soviet State. It Will Be in Europe.

Russia’s Strategy in Southeast Asia

European Union

A Liberal-Centrist Vision for Europe?

L'Union européenne va-t-elle se laisser acheter ? Principaux enjeux liés à l’adoption d’un cadre pour le filtrage des IDE dans l’Union européenne

PESCO Armament Cooperation: Prospects and Fault Lines

Middle East

The Middle East’s Great Divide Is Not Sectarianism

Changing the Story

War by Proxy: Iran’s Growing Footprint in the Middle East

Latin America

Nicaragua: ¿Qué oportunidades tiene su sistema político?

How Chinese Investment in Latin America Is Changing

AMLO at 100 Days

Prosur, una nueva huida hacia adelante en la integración latinoamericana


‘New’ Malaysia: Four Key Challenges in The Near Term

India-Pakistan Standoff: What We Know, What We Do Not Know and What They Want Us to Know

Tokyo’s ‘Free and Open Indo-Pacific’: quality infrastructure and defence to the fore


For Italy’s Ruling Nationalists, Energy Security More Important Than Putin’s Friendship

The Trouble with Political Parties and the Rise of the Yellow Vests

From myth to reality: How to understand Turkey’s role in the Western Balkans


¿Ruanda es una dictadura?

Five more years of President Macky Sall in Senegal

Is Tanzania Discarding Nyerere’s Freedom-Fighting Legacy?


The Convincing Call from Central Europe: Let Us Into NATO: NATO Enlargement Turns 20

Climate Change

What’s next for UN climate negotiations?

A generation gap, when it comes to climate change?

Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe can give the Paris Agreement a major boost

International Economy

Los cambios estructurales de la globalización

Economic diplomacy: trade and traps in ASEAN

Bridging the Divide between Developed and Developing Countries in WTO Negotiations


A World Built on Sand and Oil

Books & Reviews

The Fates of African Rebels: Victory, Defeat, and the Politics of Civil War [introduction]

Cómo ganar una guerra y perder la paz

On Cultural Diversity: International Theory in a World of Difference

“Ivory Power and Poaching in Africa”

The fallen superpower: US foreign policy from triumph to hubris

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