Projecto Accountability in Post-Crisis Politics: Decision-making, Discourse and Democracy - PoCriPo

Fonte de Financiamento: FCSH/NOVA

Instituições Participantes: IPRI-NOVA

Período de realização: Junho de 2015 - Maio de 2017

Resumo: This project aims to shed light on the changes in political decision-making processes across Europe in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Crisis responses have challenged traditional parliamentary-democratic ideals such as accountability, representation and deliberation. As a result, taking a multi-disciplinary and comparative perspective, this project seeks to address the concentration of power, looking particularly at locations (arenas), processes (institutional and discursive) and long-term impact.

Membros da Equipa:

Adam Standring
Catherine Moury

Elisabetta de Giorgi (Coordenador)
Rui Branco

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