Projecto: Parlamento português: poder de agenda e políticas legislativas

Fonte de Financiamento: FCT (IF/00382/2014)

Instituições Participantes: IPRI-UNL

Período de realização: Março de 2015 - Março de 2019

Resumo: What are the determinants of parliamentary attention? How do variation in parliamentary attention affects policy outcomes? These questions are nowadays at the centre of the international scholarly debate in legislative studies. Yet, this type of analysis has rarely focused on the Portuguese Parliament. This holds true no matter whether we consider national or international scholarly studies, where relatively small countries such as Portugal are by and large neglected. The goal of this project is to study the functioning and performance of the Portuguese parliamentary institutions since 1987 by drawing from growing literature on agenda-setting.

Membros da Equipa:
Enrico Borghetto

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