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Política Externa de Donald Trump
18 | Janeiro| 2018

Donald Trump afirmou desde cedo o objetivo de alterar a política externa norte americana como a conhecemos. Embora tenha colocado em causa a postura internacionalista americana e as alianças tradicionais, a sua ação nos primeiros 100 dias de presidência pode ser interpretada como menos radical do que inicialmente se previa.



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Full Transcript and Video: Trump’s Speech on Afghanistan  [21/08/2017]
The New York Times

What has President Trump said about your country in his first 100 days? [27/04/2017]

President Trump’s first 100 days. In his words and ours [24/04/2017]
The Washington Post

The United States and Turkey: Friends, enemies, or only interests? [Abril 2017]
Aslı Aydıntaşbaş, Kemal Kirişci, The Brookings Institution

America's Way Ahead in Syria [Março 2017]
Jennifer Cafarella, Kimberly Kagan, Frederick W. Kagan, Institute for the Study of War

America’s International Role Under Donald Trump [18/01/2017]
Chatham House


Opiniões & Análises
Is Trump a Normal Foreign Policy President? [18/01/2018]
Elizabeth N., Foreign Affairs

Trump vuelve de Asia con las manos vacías [16/11/2017]
Marcos Suárez Sipmann, Estudios de Política Exterior

The Five Greatest U.S. Foreign Policy Presidents [03/11/2017]
Akhilesh Pillalamarri, The American Conservative

The Center Cannot Hold: Continuity and Change in Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy [01/11/2017]
James Benkowski and A. Bradley Potter, War on the Rocks

Tillerson’s Views on India Defy Trump’s Incoherent Foreign Policy [24/10/2017]
Manpreet S. Anand, Foreign Policy

Trump's Afghanistan Strategy Begins to Fall Apart[24/10/2017]
Rashmee Roshan Lall, The National

The Trump Doctrine [17/10/2017]
Thomas L. Friedman, The New York Times

Trump’s Foreign Policy Is Neither Strategic nor Competent [17/10/2017]
Richard Sokolsky & Aaron David Miller, CNN

Hey, Foreign Leaders: Here’s What You Need to Know About Trump[17/10/2017]
David Ignatius, The Washington Post

Trump is about to make the defining mistake of his foreign policy [13/10/2017]
Vali Nasr, Washington Post

Trump's Nuclear Meltdown [12/10/2017]
Fred Kaplan, Slate

Inside Trump’s Head: An Exclusive Interview With the President, And The Single Theory That Explains Everything  
Randall Lane, Forbes

The real problem with Trump’s foreign policy plans? He may not have any. [11/10/2017]
David Ignatius, Washington Post

Trump Needs to Spell Out His Strategy for Africa—Before It's Too Late [09/10/2017]
Marcel Plichta, The National Interest

What if Trump decertifies the Iran deal?  
Ellie Geranmayeh, ECFR

Trump on the Warpath [27/09/2017]
Jeffrey D. Sachs, Project Syndicate

Strategic opportunity lost?: Where is the White House on Southeast Asia? [25/09/2017]
Battes Gill, CSIS

Is A George W. Trump Foreign Policy Sustainable? [21/09/2017]
Robert Tracinski, The Federalist

Trump’s foreign policy: the revolution that has not happened – yet [19/09/2017]
Ulrich Speck, Elcano

When U.N. Envoy Nikki Haley Talks, Does President Trump Listen? [18/09/2017]
Somini Sengupta, New York Times

Time to Restrict the President’s Power to Wage Nuclear War [11/09/2017]
Jeffrey Bader and Jonathan D. Pollack, New York Times

Trump’s Global Democracy Retreat [07/09/2017]
Pippa Norris, New York Times

Democracy Promotion Under Trump: What Has Been Lost? What Remains? [06/09/2017]
Thomas Carothers, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

What Trump Got Right About Foreign Policy [28/08/2017]
Stephen Walt, Foreign Policy

Trump’s Conservative Internationalism [24/08/2017]
Henry Nau, National Review

Trump shifted gears on Afghanistan — but what role do foreign policy advisers play? Here’s what the research says [23/08/2017]
Elizabeth N. Saunder, Washington Post

Trump's Afghan Strategy Isn't to Win, But to Not Lose [23/08/2017]
David Ignatius, Washington Post

Trump's Afghanistan Policy and the Gulf [23/08/2017]
Simon Henderson, Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Trump’s Afghan Illusions [23/08/2017]
Roger Cohen, New York Times

Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Limits of U.S. Influence [23/08/2017]
Chris Clary, War on the Rocks

Mr. Trump on Afghanistan: More of the Same; No End in Sight [22/08/2017]
New York Times

Afghanistan Is Trump's War Now [22/08/2017]
Andrew Bacevich, Los Angeles Times

Trump's 'Obama-Lite' Afghanistan Strategy [22/08/2017]
Jacob Heilbrunn, National Interest

The Conflict at the Heart of Trump’s Foreign Policy [22/08/2017]
Robert Zoellick, Financial Times

Trump Lays Out a Winning Strategy for Afghanistan [21/08/2017]
Luke Coffey, Daily Signal

The Western World Order, According to Trump [25/07/2017]
Hugh White, Straits Times

Trump and the Impending Foreign Policy Crisis [24/07/2017]
Jeffrey H. Smith & Kenneth Yalowitz, National Interest

Have Sanctions Become the Swiss Army Knife of U.S. Foreign Policy? [24/07/2017]
Robert Kahn, CFR

Trump Team Repeating Obama’s Mistakes in Syria [23/07/2017]
Josh Rogin, Washington Post

There Is Not, Nor Will There Ever Be, a Trump Doctrine [22/07/2017]
Rebecca Friedman Lissner & Micah Zenko, Foreign Policy

President Mike Pence? [22/07/2017]
Stephan Richter and Bill Humphrey, The Globalist

What Truman Can Teach Trump [21/07/2017]
Walter Russel Mead, Wall Street Journal

America's Priority With North Korea Must Be Defending Itself [21/07/2017]
Michael Auslin, Hill

Arabs and Africans still see hope in President Trump [20/07/2017]
Ahmed Charai, The Hill

Trump's Zig-Zag China Policy Is Confusing U.S. Allies [19/07/2017]
Dennis P. Halpin, The National Interest

The Global Consequences of Trump’s Incompetence[18/07/2017]
Stephen M. Walt, Foreign Policy

Trump Is Stuck With Obama's Iran Deal[18/07/2017]
Fred Kaplan, Slate

Trump has no long-term foreign policy vision. Here’s how that’s hurting America. [17/07/2017]
Henry Farrel, Washington Post

Trump’s extraordinary surrender of power [10/07/2017]
Robert J. Samuelson, Washington Post

Trump’s behavior is the biggest threat to U.S. national security [10/07/2017]
Lawrence Summers, Washington Post

Why Trump's foreign policy is dangerous [10/07/2017]
Hillary Mann Leverett, Al Jazeera

Trump’s Nationalists Triumphant After Europe Trip [09/07/2017]
Michael Crowley, Politico

Trump handed Putin a stunning victory [08/07/2017]
Molly K. McKew, Politico

Trump in Warsaw: Introducing “Nationalist Internationalism” [07/07/2017]
Stewart M. Patrick, Council on Foreign Relations

Subnational Diplomacy is the Antidote to Trump’s Foreign Policy. So What’s the Action Plan for its Leaders? [07/2017]
Kevin Cottrell & Megan Doherty, German Marshall Fund

America’s Global Image [07/2017]
Richard Wike, Pew Research Center

Trump looks for a lovefest in Poland [05/07/2017]
Michael Crowley, Politico

Why Trump’s Foreign Policy Can’t Be Stopped [20/06/2017]
Aaron David Miller, Foreign Policy

New Cuba Policy Helps Define Emerging Trump Doctrine [19/06/2017]
Paul Bonicelli, The Federalist

Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, ISIS, and Iran: Is "Half" a Strategy Better than None? [19/06/2017]
Anthony Cordesman, CSIS

Blocpolitik [18/06/2017]
Michael Lind, National Interest

Trump's Strange Retreat From Cuba [17/06/2017]
Michael Grunwald, Politico Magazine

The End of the Trump Administration? [15/06/2017]
Jorge Castañeda, Project Syndicate

America Needs a Foreign Policy That Doesn't Center on Regime Change [14/06/2017]
Amitai Etzioni, National Interest

Donald Trump Is Fixing America's Asia Policy [12/06/2017]
Joseph Bosco, RealClearWorld

Fixing Trump’s blunders on Qatar [09/06/2017]
Robert Malley and Jon Finer, The Washington Post

Is America Getting Sucked Into More War in Syria?[09/06/2017]
Ilan Goldenberg, Nicholas A. Heras, The Atlantic

What Exactly Is the U.S. Policy on Qatar? [09/06/2017]
Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic

Making the Middle East Worse, Trump-Style [09/06/2017]
Stephen M. Walt, Foreign Policy

How Trump Misunderstands the Middle East [08/06/2017]
Mohammed Ayoob, The National Interest

Trump just might be giving us the opportunity to make NAFTA even stronger [07/06/2017]
Alan Bersin, Belfer Center

US urges dialogue to ease Qatar crisis [06/06/2017]
Laura Rozen, Al-monitor

At last: The Trump Doctrine, revealed [05/06/2017]
Constanze Stelzenmüller, Brookings Institution

To Be Great, America Must Be Good [02/06/2017]
Susan E. Rice, The New York Times

Judy Asks: Is This the End of U.S. Leadership? [02/06/2017]
Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

Trump’s Catastrophic Climate Decision Imperils the Planet—and Hastens American Decline [01/06/2017]
Stewart M. Patrick, Council on Foreign Relations

Trump’s Foreign Policy Reversals [30/05/2017]
Martin Feldstein, Project Syndicate

Trump in Jerusalem [30/05/2017]
Shlomo Avineri, Project Syndicate

A Trump-Putin Axis [30/05/2017]
David Leonhardt, The New York Times

For the U.S.-European alliance, everything has changed [28/05/2017]
Anne Applebaum, The Washington Post

Inside the Trump administration’s plans to restart the Ukraine peace process [28/05/2017]
Josh Rogin, The Washington Post

Trump's Trip Was a Catastrophe for U.S.-Europe Relations [28/05/2017]
David Frum, The Atlantic

The Trump handshake: how world leaders are fighting back [28/05/2017]
Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

Trump Remains a NATO Skeptic [27/05/2017]
Thomas Wright, The Atlantic

Trump's big trip began well – but in Europe his flaws were painfully exposed [27/05/2017]
Julian Borger, The Guardian

Trump’s Triumph: A Foreign Policy Non-Disaster [26/05/2017]
Bret Stephens, The New York Times

Trump leaves European leaders scratching their heads [26/05/2017]
Carl Bildt, The Washington Post

Trump’s abandonment of NATO in Brussels [26/05/2017]
Constanze Stelzenmüller, The Washington Post

The Shrinking of the Presidency [25/05/2017]
Ana Palacio, Project Syndicate

How Saudi Arabia played Donald Trump [25/05/2017]
Fareed Zakaria, The Washington Post

For once, Trump stays silent about Nato unity – and US allies are disappointed [25/05/2017]
Julian Borger, The Guardian

This Is the Key to a Successful Trump Foreign Policy [25/05/2017]
Colin Dueck, the National Interest

Trump and Europe, trading places [25/05/2017]
Matthew Kaminski, Politico EU

Israel’s ‘Biggest Friend’? Not Quite. [24/05/2017]
Bari Weiss, The New York Times

What NATO Needs from Trump [23/05/2017]
Michael Mandelbaum, Project Syndicate

The president could learn “spiritualpolitik” from the Pope [23/05/2017]
John J. DiIulio, Brookings Institution

What Trump gets wrong about the Middle East [23/05/2017]
Mohamad Bazzi, Reuters

Donald Trump Discovers Muslims [23/05/2017]
Roger Cohen, The New York Times

The Trump administration's Iran policy is dangerous and flawed [23/05/2017]
Emma Ashford, The Guardian

The U.S.-Saudi Arabia relationship goes beyond Donald Trump [23/05/2017]
Bessma Momani, Macleans

Le retour en grâce de la monarchie saoudienne auprès des Etats-Unis [22/05/2017]
Benjamin Barthe, Le Monde

Why Donald Trump's 'Arab Nato' would be a terrible mistake [22/05/2017]
Rashid Khalidi, The Guardian

Trump's speech encouraging, but lacking [22/05/2017]
Kersten Knipp, Deutsche Welle

‘This Wasn’t a Speech About Islam’ [21/05/2017]
Mustafa Akyol, Wajahat Ali, The New York Times

The 'Muslim World' Does Not Exist [21/05/2017]
Zareena Grewal, The Atlantic

Trump Turns Politically Correct in Saudi Arabia [21/05/2017]
Peter Beinart, The Atlantic

Trump's tough talk on extremism weakened by backing for autocracies [21/05/2017]
Julian Borger, The Guardian

Who better to lecture Muslims than Islam expert Donald Trump? [21/05/2017]
David Shariatmadari, The Guardian

A Turning Point in U.S-Turkish Relations? [21/05/2017]
Steve Flanagan, RAND

Trump Begins His Religion World Tour [20/05/2017]
Emma Green, The Atlantic

Ignore Donald Trump's words on his foreign tour. Pay attention to his actions [20/05/2017]
Moustafa Bayoumi, The Guardian

Reluctant traveler Trump takes off on trip fraught with diplomatic dangers [20/05/2017]
Julian Borger, The Guardian

Trump en Arabia: negocios y guerra [20/05/2017]
Luz Gómez García, El Pais

Trump’s Loose Lips and America’s Intelligence Relationships [19/05/2017]
Kent Harrington, Project Syndicate

Trump Goes Abroad. Nixon Tried the Same Thing. [19/05/2017]
Rachel Bronson, The New York Times

Watch Out World, Trump’s Coming [19/05/2017]
Gail Collins, The New York Times

A Prayer for Donald Trump [19/05/2017]
Frank Bruni, The New York Times

Dear Saudi Arabia: Embrace Trump at your peril [18/05/2017]
Philip Gordon, The Wahington Post

Making Sense of Uncertain India-US Relations [18/05/2017]
Dhruva Jaishankar, Brookings Institution

Did Trump Commit a Crime in Sharing Intelligence With Moscow? [17/05/2017]
James Carden, The Nation

Are Trump’s Friendly Overtures to Autocrats a Break With Diplomatic Tradition? [16/05/2017]
David Vine, The Nation

Gulf seeks to change the US conversation on the Middle East [16/05/2017]
Faisal Al Yafai, The National

Can the emerging Sino-U.S. coalition stop Kim’s game? [16/05/2017]
Hitoki Den, The Japan Times

The US Will Never Win the War in Afghanistan [16/05/2017]
Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Washington Post

Alleged Trump boast to Russians could wreck the trust of America's allies [16/05/2017]
Julian Borger, Sabrina Siddiqui, The Guardian

Innocents abroad? Trump’s first foreign trip [16/05/2017]
Lex Rieffel, The Brookings Institution

Donald Trump Is Repeating Obama’s Errors in Dealing With Turkey’s Erdogan: But There Is Another Way Forward [15/05/2017]
Steven A. Cook, Council on Foreign Relations

Off to a Rough Start [15/05/2017]
Tyson Barker, Berlin Policy Journal

Regional consequences of Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia [15/05/2017]
Talmiz Ahmad, Al Arabiya

Trump’s troubling South China Sea policy [14/05/2017]
Mark J. Valencia, The Japan Times

Trump promotes a 'pivot in Asia' [10/05/2017]
Thitinan Pongsudhirak, Nikkei Asian Review

Tillerson Didn't Say What McCain Said He Said [09/05/2017]
Ramesh Ponnuru, Bloomberg View

Commentary: The danger of Trump's mood-based diplomacy [08/05/2017]
John Lloyd, Reuters

Trump Wants a New Afghan Surge. That’s a Terrible Idea. [06/05/2017]
Douglas Wissing, Politico

Trump’s Meddling in Asia [06/05/2017]
Philip Bowring, The Globalist

What Trump Gets Wrong About NAFTA [04/05/2017]
Jefferson Cowie, Foreign Affairs

Trump, Bullish on Mideast Peace, Will Need More Than Confidence [03/05/2017]
Peter Baker, The New York Times

Why Trump Was Right to Invite Duterte to the White House [03/05/2017]
Ely Ratner, Politico

China record suggests Trump look elsewhere for handling Pyongyang [03/05/2017]
Grant Newsham, Asia Times

What might a Trump-Kim Jong Un meeting look like? [03/05/2017]
Ted Anthony, Japan Today

Five ways Trump has damaged democracy in the US and abroad [03/05/2017]
Brian Klaas, The Sydney Morning Herald

Could ‘Strategic Impatience’ Toward North Korea Be A Rational Policy? [02/05/2017]
Boris Toucas, The Diplomat

Donald Trump is learning a lesson from North Korea - and so are US allies [02/05/2017]
Peter Hartcher, The Sydney Morning Herald

A grand strategy for Trump? [02/05/2017]
Koichi Hamada, The Japan Times

Trump’s Friend in Manila [01/05/2017]
David Leonhardt, The New York Times

The Plot Against American Foreign Policy [Maio/Junho 2017]
G. John Ikenberry, Foreign Affairs

The Brilliant Incoherence of Trump’s Foreign Policy [Maio 2017]
Stephen Sestanovich, The Atlantic

An assessment of Trump’s first 100 days of foreign policy, from Brookings experts [28/04/2017]
David Dollar, Vanda Felbab-Brown, Steven Pifer, Bruce Riedel, Richard C. Bush, Kemal Kirişci, Dhruva Jaishankar, The Brookings Institution

Commentary: Why Trump should mend ties with Russia [28/04/2017]
Josh Cohen, Reuters

The irony of strategic patience with North Korea [28/04/2017]
Robert A. Manning, Nikkei Asian Review

Lessons for Europe From One Hundred Days of Trump [28/04/2017]
Erik Brattberg, Carnegie Europe

Could Trump’s diplomacy resolve his North Korea crisis? There’s hope [28/04/2017]
, The Guardian

Trump’s 100-Day Theater [27/04/2017]
David Rothkopf, David Sanger, Keith Johnson, Kori Schake, Foreign Policy [podcast]

There’s no Trump foreign policy doctrine, but there is a structure [27/04/2017]
Josh Rogin, The Washington Post

Four steps to winning peace in Afghanistan [27/04/2017]
Stephen J. Hadley, Andrew Wilder and Scott Worden, The Washington Post

We set a low bar for Trump. He still failed to meet it. [27/04/2017]
Michael Gerson, The Washington Post

A Grand Strategy for Donald Trump? [27/04/2017]
Koichi Hamada, Project Syndicate

Trump's Korean dilemma [27/04/2017]
Peter Sturm, Deutsche Welle

Beyond the bluster, Donald Trump’s foreign policy takes shape [26/04/2017]
Roula Khalaf, Financial Times

6 Things We Know About Trump’s Foreign Policy After 100 Days [26/04/2017]
Hal Brands, Foreign Policy

The Worst Mistake of Trump’s First 100 Days [26/04/2017]
Stephen M. Walt, Foreign Policy

The Cost of Trump’s Retreat From Rights [26/04/2017]
Jorge G. Castañeda, The New York Times

Donald Trump’s First 100 Days: The Worst on Record [26/04/2017]
David Leonhardt, The New York Times

Trump’s Asia team is missing in action [26/04/2017]
Josh Rogin, The Washington Post

On foreign policy, Trump has become — gasp — a normal president [26/04/2017]
Danielle Pletka, The Washington Post

Trump’s Diplomatic Deficit [26/04/2017]
Christopher R. Hill, Project Syndicate

Trump and China: Risking a Middle East Arms Race [26/04/2017]
James M. Dorsey, The Globalist

Trump's first 100: a chaotic discovery of power [26/04/2017]
Jerome Cartillier, The China Post

Seoul, US ready to 'punish' North Korea [26/04/2017]
Hwang Sung-hee, The China Post

So far it has been rough, and record is patchy [26/04/2017]
Nirmal Ghosh, The Straits Times

North Korea: Is a ‘grand bargain’ possible? [26/04/2017]
Ralph A. Cossa, The Japan Times

Trump has learned a lot. But he’s neglecting a huge part of American leadership. [25/04/2017]
Joseph S. Nye Jr., The Washington Post

Asia’s American Menace [25/04/2017]
Brahma Chellaney, Project Syndicate

Chaos and confusion, but some foreign policy wins for Trump [25/04/2017]
Peter Apps, Reuters

Amitai Etzioni on Avoiding War with China [25/04/2017]
Entrevista a Amitai Etzioni, The Diplomat

Iran: Trump’s punching bag [25/04/2017]
Shahir Shahidsaless, Middle East Eye

China's One Belt, One Road to challenge US-led order [25/04/2017]
Hugh White, The Straits Times

Between Kim Jong Un’s bluster and Trump’s bluff [25/04/2017]
Ramesh Thakur, The Japan Times

Our World: The agenda for the Trump-Abbas meeting [25/04/2017]
Caroline B. Glick, The Jerusalem Post

Trump’s border-wall fantasy is crumbling [25/04/2017]
Eugene Robinson, The Washington Post

Trump’s Foreign Policy: 100 Days of Global Bafflement [24/04/2017]
and Richard Sokolsky, Politico

America is experiencing ‘zugzwang.’ It needs a game-changer [24/04/2017]
David P. Goldman, Asia Times

North Korea won't bow to Donald Trump's threats. It needs assurances [24/04/2017]
, The Guardian

Pence puts Trump administration on right foot with ASEAN [23/04/2017]
Kavi Chongkittavorn, Nikkei Asian Review

Instead of threatening North Korea, Trump should try this [23/04/2017]
John Delury, The Washington Post

The Trump team has a historic opportunity with Japan — if it can pull together a strategy [23/04/2017]
Josh Rogin, The Washington Post

Trump's Amateur Hour on North Korea [22/04/2017]
Michael H. Fuchs, The Diplomat

US and North Korea: the psychological war continues [22/04/2017]
Narushige Michishita, The Straits Times

America first, economic logic last [22/04/2017]
Gary Hawke, East Asia Forum

A (Global) March for Science Against Trump’s “War on Science” [22/04/2017]
Denise Feldner, The Globalist

Riyadh and Washington are growing ever closer [22/04/2017]
Hussein Ibish, The National

Trump’s Foreign Policy Is Looking Very Predictable [21/04/201]
Xenia Wickett, Chatham House

Trump Makes China Great in Latin America [21/04/2017]
Antonio Hsiang, The Diplomat

Trump’s dangerous ‘good cop, bad cop’ foreign policy [21/04/2017]
Kathleen Parker, The Washington Post

One powerful weapon to use against North Korea [21/04/2017]
David S. Cohen, The Washington Post

The North Korea-Trump nightmare [21/04/2017]
Nicholas Kristof, The Straits Times

The “New” Trump’s Lopsided Foreign Policy [20/04/2017]
Carl Bildt, Project Syndicate

The Coming Crisis With Iran [20/04/2017]
Trita Parsi, The New York Times

Trump’s bluster and bravado on North Korea will only make the U.S. look weak [20/04/2017]
Fareed Zakaria, The Washington Post

Trump is president. That's reason enough not to go to war with North Korea [20/04/2017]
Isaac Stone Fish, The Guardian

Why America wants to cosy up to Turkey [20/04/2017]
Alan Philps, The National

Trump Has a Foreign Policy Strategy [20/04/2017]
James Jay Carafano, The National Interest

For Trump, no qualms in embracing autocratic leaders [20/04/2017]
Vivian Salama, Julie Pace, Japan Today

How Washington hard-liners helped to create the North Korean crisis [19/04/2017]
Mike Chinoy, The Washington Post

The risks of the Trump administration hollowing out American leadership [19/04/2017]
William J. Burns, The Washington Post

How to Defuse the Crisis With North Korea [19/04/2017]
Joel S. Wit, The New York Times

Team Trump Seems Unaware of Soft Power's Punch [19/04/2017]
James Gibney, Bloomberg View

Is Trump learning to live with Iran nuclear deal? [19/04/2017]
Laura Rozen, Al-monitor

America favours strategic coercion over Pyongyang [19/04/2017]
Rashmee Roshan Lall, The National

Trump is turning into a pretty decent president [19/04/2017]
Sholto Byrnes, The National

How America Is Losing the Credibility War [18/04/2017]
Antony J. Blinken, The New York Times

US, DPRK must hold talks before it's too late [18/04/2017]
Zhou Bo, China Daily

Trump’s First 100 Days in Office: What’s Changed? [18/04/2017]
Richard Phillips, The Globalist

Infrastructure road to better Sino-US ties [17/04/2017]
Wang Huiyao, China Daily

‘Machiavelli would approve’ [17/04/2017]
Susan B. Glasser, Politico EU

Getting real with Riyadh [17/04/2017]
Daniel L. Byman, The Brookings Institution

The direction of U.S.-Cuba relations under Trump: An interview with Ted Piccone [17/04/2017]
Ric Anderson, Ted Piccone, The Brookings Institution

After the airstrike, what Washington should do next in Syria [17/04/2017]
Itamar Rabinovich, The Brookings Institution

With US and North Korea each testing the other’s resolve, is the world hurtling towards war? Not quite [17/04/2017]
Niall Ferguson, South China Morning Post

There's only one workable solution to the North Korea problem [17/04/2017]
Peter Hartcher, The Sydney Morning Herald

Can Trump defuse North Korea by acting like Ike? [17/04/2017]
Matthew d'Ancona, The Guardian

Is Donald Trump the man to promote peace with North Korea? [16/04/2017]
Mark Seddon, The Guardian

Trump more believable and moral than Putin? [16/04/2017]
Ramesh Thakur, Japan Times

Donald Trump is making the same deal with China that Barack Obama did [16/04/2017]
Tim Fernholz, Quartz

Trump and the future of Indo–US relations [15/04/2017]
Pradeep S Mehta, Kyle Cote, East Asia Forum

What the world has learned about Trump's foreign policy [14/04/2017]
Daniel Twining, Nikkei Asian Review

If Trump really wants to improve relations with Russia, he should persuade NATO to stop expanding [14/04/2017]
Michael E. O’Hanlon, Brookings Institution

Is rationality dawning on Trump? [14/04/2017]
Ruth Marcus, The Washington Post

The bombing of Afghanistan shows the US is led by a one-man wild card [14/04/2017]
Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

Trump’s Plan to End Europe [13/04/2017]
David Frum, The Atlantic

Trump's Comprehensive Demolition of Putin Propaganda Trying to Cover Up Assad's Chemical Attack [13/04/2017]
Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz

Trump Plays the Trade Card for Help on North Korea [13/04/2017]
Walter Russell Mead, Hudson Institute

Trump Stumbles into Putin’s Syrian Backyard [13/04/2017]
Nina L. Khrushcheva, Project Syndicate

En busca del enemigo estratégico [13/04/2017]
Lluís Bassets, El Pais

Del invierno nuclear al calentamiento [13/04/2017]
Cayetano López, El Pais

A Grand Strategy for Trump [12/04/2017]
Daniel Byman, The National Interest

A Trump Doctrine? [12/04/2017]
Tom Clifford, The Globalist

Why Is Trump Fighting ISIS in Syria? [12/04/2017]
Thomas L. Friedman, The New York Times

¿Tiene Trump política exterior? [12/04/2017]
M. A. Bastenier, El Pais

Judy Asks: Has Trump Discovered Foreign Policy? [12/04/2017]
Carnegie Europe

Birth of the inept Trump Doctrine? [12/04/2017]
Tom Clifford, The Japan Times

Trump's Comprehensive Demolition of Putin Propaganda Trying to Cover Up Assad's Chemical Attack [12/04/2017]
Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz

Whatever you think about Trump, at least somebody did something [12/04/2017]
Julie Szego, Sydney Morning Herald

Getting Real with Riyadh [12/04/2017]
Daniel Byman, The National Interest

How America and China Could Stumble to War[12/04/2017]
Graham Allison, The National Interest

Germany and Trump-America: back on track? [11/04/2017]
Ulrich Speck, Real Instituto Elcano

Washington’s Way to European Hearts [11/04/2017]
Tomáš Valášek, Carnegie Europe

Trump the War President? [11/04/2017]
Ian Buruma, Project Syndicate

The strike on Syria must herald a new Trump doctrine[11/04/2017]
Anne-Marie Slaughter, Financial Times

Russia needs American help to seal the deal in Syria [11/04/2017]
Dimitri Trenin, Financial Times

Syria Strike Follows Washington’s Failed Foreign-Policy Playbook [11/04/2017]
Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation

What Is Trump's Syria Policy? [11/04/2017]
David A. Graham, The Atlantic

Here’s Why U.S.-Russia Military Conflict Over Syria Is Looking More And More Likely [11/04/2017]
Fyodor Lukyanov, Huffington Post

The new face of Trump [11/04/2017]
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