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Crise na Venezuela
4 | Abril | 2018

Nos últimos meses a Venezuela tem sido palco de manifestações contra o governo do Presidente Nicolás Maduro, reivindicando eleições antecipadas. A população não tem acesso a medicamentos, alimentos ou outros bens essenciais, e a inflação ronda os 500%. A OEA tece duras críticas ao Governo venezuelano depois de os poderes da Assembleia Nacional terem sido suspensos pelo Presidente e à eleição de uma Assembleia Constituinte.



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Venezuela to vote amid crisis: all you need to know [30/07/2017]
Virginia López and Sibylla Brodzinsky, The Guardian

Venezuela: What is happening? [25/04/2017]
Al Jazeera

Venezuela crisis: What is behind the turmoil? [19/04/2017]

Venezuela: A path out of crisis [Abril 2017]
Brookings Institution

Venezuela: Tough Talking [Dezembro 2016]
Crisis Group

Book review: Venezuela: What everyone needs to know (Latin American Policy) [27/03/2017]
Oliver Stuenkel, Post Western World


Opiniões & Análises
The only thing keeping Maduro in power is the opposition [18/03/2018]
Asa Cusack, Al Jazeera

Hell of a Fiesta [08/03/2018]
Enrique Krauze, New York Review of Books

Venezuela’s Labyrinth [08/03/2018]
Andrés Cañizález, Global Americans

Why I Am Running for President of Venezuela [07/03/2018]
Henri Falcon, New York Times

How Democracies Are (re)Born [07/03/2018]
Ricardo Hausmann, Project Syndicate

The OAS calls on Venezuela to delay its elections. It won’t make a difference. [28/02/2018]
William Naylor, Global Americans

The Tragedy of the Venezuelan Opposition: Why It's Been Unable to Effectively Challenge Maduro [05/01/2018]
Harold Trinkunas, Foreign Affairs

Talk of military intervention in Venezuela is absurd [20/02/2018]
Matias Vernengo, Al Jazeera

Regime Change Fails: Is a Military Coup or Invasion of Venezuela Next? [19/02/2018]
Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Venezuelan Analysis

Venezuela Should Consider Dollarization [15/02/2018]
Francisco Rodríguez, Americas Quarterly

On Venezuela, Where Are Liberals? [15/02/2018]
Bret Stephens, New York Times

Cuba Is Making the Crisis in Venezuela Worse [07/02/2018]
José R. Cárdenas, Foreign Policy

Justice Without Borders for Venezuela [07/02/2018]
Ricardo Hausmann, Project Syndicate

A New Hope for Venezuela's Opposition? [04/02/2018]
Félix Seijas Rodríguez, Global Americans

Venezuela Has Just Announced an Election—and It’s Terrible News for Democracy [24/01/2018]
Francisco Toro, The Washington Post

In Venezuela, Maduro’s opponents must not lose faith in elections [12/12/2017]
Reynaldo Trombetta, The Guardian

Inquisidores en Venezuela [05/12/2017]
Luis Esteban G. Manrique, Estudios de Política Exterior

No, a coup isn’t likely in Venezuela. And if one happens, it’s unlikely to bring democracy. [04/12/2017]
Timothy M. Gill, Washington Post

Venezuela’s government clings on by splitting the opposition and strong-arming the poor [29/11/2017]
Ryan Brading, The Conversation

El eje euroasiático de Putin pasa por Venezuela [29/11/2017]
Roberto Mansilla Blanco, ES Global

Venezuela: Hunger by Default [23/11/2017]
International Crisis Group

Venezuela debt: US, Russia and China play for high stakes [21/11/2017]
John Paul Rathbone and Robin Wigglesworth, Financial Times

Venezuela quickly becoming Russia's newest satellite state [20/11/2017]
Antonio Mora, The Hill

The tragedy of the Venezuelan opposition [16/11/2017]
Tomás Straka, Open Democracy

Venezuela’s Default: What Is Maduro Thinking? [15/11/2017]
Bret Rosen, Americas Quarterly

Nobody Is Going to Bail Out Venezuela [14/11/2017]
Henkel Garcia, The Conversation

What Would a U.S. Intervention in Venezuela Look Like? [08/11/2017]
Frank O. Mora, Foreign Affairs

Venezuela Proves Petro-States Can Go Broke, Too [07/11/2017]
Francisco Toro, The Washington Post

Is A Venezuelan Default Inevitable? [06/11/2017]
Irina Slav, Oil Price

America must not ignore the nightmare crisis in Venezuela [06/11/2017]
Michael Dempsey, The Hill

Despite International Support, Venezuela’s Opposition Is Beginning to Unravel [02/11/2017]
Frida Ghitis, World Politics Review

How Chavismo Beat the International Community…Again [26/10/2017]
Andrés Cañizález, Global Americans

América Latina y la crisis venezolana [19/10/2017]
Carlos Malamud, Elcano

Venezuela’s Democracy Is Fake, but the Government’s Latest Election Win Was Real [17/10/2017]
Francisco Toro, The Washington Post

Driving Forces to Increase Pressure on Venezuela[17/10/2017]
Moises Rendon, CSIS

Venezuela: l'urgence humanitaire face à la famine [16/10/2017]
AA.VV., Le Figaro

Venezuela: ¿hacia un nuevo ‘status quo’? [09/10/2017]
Roberto Mansilla Blanco, ES Global

How Venezuela Reached Breaking Point [28/09/2017]
Christian Borys, Longreads

The Right Way to Do Regime Change in Venezuela [28/09/2017]
Meghan L. O'Sullivan, Bloomberg

Venezuela: «C’est bien un phénomène totalitaire qui est en train de s’installer» [18/09/2017]
Elisabeth Burgos, Pedro José Garcia Sanchez et Saraï Suarez, Le Monde

Yo no me casé con esta Venezuela [13/09/2017]
Lilian Tintori, New York Times

Putin’s Latest Anti-American Intervention: Venezuela [06/09/2017]
Moises Naim & Andrew Weiss, The Washington Post

Longing for Spring: Will Democracy Return to Venezuela in 2018? [30/08/2017]
Andrés Cañizález, Global Americans

La fractura de América Latina [29/08/2017]
Rafael Rojas, El País

El legado de Chávez [24/08/2017]
Rogelio Núñez Castellano, El País

The U.S. Military Will Not Solve the Venezuela Crisis [20/08/2017]
Ana Quintana, National Interest

Why Venezuela Should Be a U.S. Foreign Policy Priority  [17/08/2017]
Moises Rendon, CSIS

Venezuelan sanctions without diplomacy will fail [13/08/2017]
Shannon K. O'Neil, CNN

How to Avoid a Venezuelan Civil War: Latin American Solutions for a Latin American Problem [09/08/2017]
Adriana Erthal Abdenur and Robert Muggah, Foreign Affairs

IFES Statement on the Crisis in Venezuela [04/08/2017]

Venezuela´s Last Flickers of Democracy [03/08/2017]
Phil Gunson, International Crisis Group

Venezuela’s Unprecedented Collapse [31/07/2017]
Ricardo Hausmann, Project Syndicate

La huida hacia adelante de Maduro [30/07/2017]
Alejandro Tarre, El País

"La Constituyente de Maduro busca encarcelar a los dissidentes “ [28/07/2017]
Entrevista a Luisa Ortega Díaz, Clarín

The Six Players in Venezuela's Crisis [28/07/2017]
Félix Séijas Rodríguez, America’s Quarterly

Venezuela's Neighbors Need to Step Up. What’s Holding Them Back? [26/07/2017]
Oliver Stuenkel, America’s Quarterly

Can Venezuela Resurrect Its Economy? [26/07/2017]
Entrevista a Ricardo Hausmann, CFR

How to Avoid Civil War in Venezuela [26/07/2017]
David Smilde, New York Times

China and the Venezuela Crisis [26/07/2017]
Antonio C. Hsiang, The Diplomat

Venezuela’s Freedom Fighters [25/07/2017]
Miguel Rodriguez Mendoza, Project Syndicate

Venezuela's Perfect Storm for Oil May Be About to Break [25/07/2017]
Liam Denning, Bloomberg

"A convocatória de Maduro deve ser cancelada" [24/07/2017]
Ricardo Kirschbaum, Clarín

Venezuela: seis escenarios para un futuro desconocido [23/07/2017]
Daniel Lozano, El Mundo

What’s next for Venezuela? (audio) [21/07/2017]
Dany Bahar and Fred Dews, Brookings Institution

Lo que queda de Venezuela [21/07/2017]
Joaquín Villalobos, El País

President Trump should muster an international rescue of Venezuela [21/07/2017]
Roger F. Noriega, Miami Herald

The Venezuelan Diaspora's Role in Confronting Maduro [21/07/2017]
Guillermo Zubillaga, America’s Quarterly

Venezuela On The Brink, Lessons From Castro And ​Perón [19/07/2017]
William Ospina, Espectador

The Government Didn’t Want Them to Vote — So Venezuelans Set Up Their Own Election [18/07/2017]
Francisco Toro, The Washington Post

¿Por qué se rebelan los venezolanos?
Carmen Beatriz Fernández, Política Exterior

Venezuela in Crisis [18/07/2017]
Danielle Renwick and Brianna Lee, CFR

Venezuela’s Rebels With a Cause [17/07/2017]
Anne-Marie Slaughter & Fabiana Perera, Project Syndicate

A Venezuela Settlement Will Require Pressure From Outside [16/07/2017]
Michael Penfold, Financial Times

¿Por qué se rebelan los venezolanos?  [14/07/2017]
Carmen Beatriz Fernández, Política Exterior

Leopoldo López Is Home. But Venezuela Is Not Free. [11/07/2017]
José Miguel Vivanco, New York Times

Venezuela: un barril de pólvora [10/07/2017]
Edgardo Lander & Santiago Arconada Rodríguez, TNI

Venezuela has two tough options—only one provides hope [10/07/2017]
Dany Bahar, Brookings Institution

López, la nueva Venezuela [10/07/2017]
Antonio Navalón, El País

Mediation in Venezuela Is Doomed to Fail: Caracas Needs to Face Consequences [07/07/2017]
Christopher Sabatini, Foreign Affairs

O silêncio da esquerda latina sobre a Venezuela [05/07/2017]
Ernesto Tenembaum, El País

Death or Democracy in Venezuela [05/07/2017]
Enrique ter Horst, Project Syndicate

Venezuela: ¿el fin de la unión cívico-militar? [03/07/2017]
Luis Esteban G. Manrique, ES Global

Is Venezuela on a path to civil war? [14/06/2017]
Nick Miroff, Washington Post

Maduro's Dismal Strategy: Less Bread, More Blood [06/06/2017]
Fabio Rafael Fiallo, Real Clear World

La función ha terminado [03/06/2017]
Sergio Ramírez, El Pais

Ese cuartel llamado Venezuela [02/06/2017]
Juan Carlos Méndez Guédez, El Pais

Solidaridad con Venezuela [02/06/2017]
Luis Videgaray Caso, El Pais

Venezuela Needs International Intervention. Now. [30/05/2017]
Jared Genser, The New York Times

Burning Man in Venezuela [26/05/2017]
Greg Grandin, The Nation

The end of an era: Setting fire to Hugo Chávez’s childhood home [26/05/2017]
Andrés Cañizález, Latin America Goes Global

Una Constituyente sin legitimidad [26/05/2017]
Roberto Viciano Pastor, Rubén Martínez Dalmau, El Pais

Venezuela’s propaganda state is collapsing under its own weight [25/05/2017]
Francisco Toro, The Washington Post

Nicolas Maduro Doesn't Really Control Venezuela [25/05/2017]
Moises Naim, The Atlantic

Au Venezuela, les militaires au cœur du pouvoir chaviste [22/05/2017]
Paulo A. Paranagua, Le Monde

“La Asamblea Constituyente de Maduro será el fin de la república” [20/05/2017]
Entrevista a Carlos Oteyza, El Pais

Maduro is not Chavez [16/05/2017]
Santiago Zabala, Al Jazeera

Maduro no importa [14/05/2017]
Moisés Naím, El Pais

How Venezuela Stumbled to the Brink of Collapse [14/05/2017]
Max Fisher, Amanda Tau, The New York Times

Realismo mágico [12/05/2017]
Ana Marcos, El Pais

Maduro: Hands down a catástrofe [12/05/2017]
Andrés Cañizález, Latin America Goes Global

Venezuela: A Blueprint for Strife [11/05/2017]
Phil Gunson, Crisis Group

Why is Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro still in power? [11/05/2017]
S.G., The Economist

Nine ways you can support Venezuelan human rights protests [10/05/2017]
Reynaldo Trombetta, The Guardian

Venezuela: se acabó el chévere [09/05/2017]
Antonio López Ortega, El Pais

Venezuela is no Syria and Nicolas Maduro is not Bashar Al Assad [08/05/2017]
Massimo Di Ricco, The National

Venezuela: ¿es posible un cambio de régimen?[08/05/2017]
Danny Bahar, CNN [video]

In Venezuela’s Chaos, Elites Play a High-Stakes Game for Survival [06/05/2017]
Amanda Taub, Max Fisher, The New York Times

Is there still a democracy to be saved in Venezuela? [05/05/2017]
Patricio Navia, Buenos Aires Herald

Venezuela's Bad Neighbor Policy [05/05/2017]
Michael Shifter, Foreign Affairs

Venezuela Is Starving [05/05/2017]
Juan Forero, The Wall Street Journal

A New Constitution Would Deepen Venezuela's Crisis [04/05/2017]
Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View

Venezuela's Leader Shreds the Constitution [04/05/2017]
Mac Margolis, Bloomberg View

Protests alone won’t fix Venezuela. This approach could. [03/05/2017]
Jennifer McCoy, Reuters

Venezuelan Opposition’s Baffling OAS Hypocrisy [02/05/2017]
Ryan Mallett-Outtrim, Venezuela Analysis

Venezuela’s leader wants to replace the National Assembly with one beholden to him [02/05/2017]
Francisco Toro, The Washington Post

What Is to Be Done in Venezuela?[01/05/2017]
Greg Grandin, The Nation

Venezuela: Progressively Worse, But Hanging On [01/05/2017]
Adam Sieminski, Andrew J. Stanley, CSIS

The Opposition's Way Forward in Venezuela [01/05/2017]
J. Weston Phippen, The Atlantic

Maduro contra las cuerdas [30/04/2017]
Alejandro Tarre, El Pais

10 things you should know about the current crisis in Venezuela [24/04/2017]
Dany Bahar, Harold Trinkunas, The Brookings Institution

How Venezuela’s revolutionary dream descended into chaos [24/04/2017]
Ryan Brading, The Conversation

¿Está Venezuela al borde de una transición? [24/04/2017]
Alejandro Tarre, El Pais

The impact of the collapse of Venezuela on Colombia [24/04/2017]
Evan Ellis, Latin America Goes Global

Why is Venezuela in crisis again? [22/04/2017]
Javier Farje, Al Jazeera

Venezuela in Crisis [18/04/2017]
Danielle Renwick, and Brianna Lee, Council on Foreign Relations

Meeting Basic Health Needs in a Venezuela in Crisis [17/04/2017]
Katherine Bliss, CSIS

Venezuela and the eclipse of American leadership [16/04/2017]
Jackson Diehl, The Washington Post

Trump Must Speak Out on Venezuela [14/04/2017]
Noah Rothman, Commentary

Cuál será el límite de Nicolás Maduro y del pueblo venezolano [14/04/2017]
Humberto Benedetto, La Nacíon

Venezuela has lost its democratic façade [13/04/2017]
Laura Gamboa, The Conversation

Venezuela in Dictatorship: How the United States and the International Community Can Help [11/04/2017]
Moises Rendon, CSIS

Venezuela: In a Hole, and Still Digging [10/04/2017]
Phil Gunson, Crisis Group

Why Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro Doesn’t Look Finished Quite Yet [10/04/2017]
Oliver Stuenkel, Americas Quarterly

Venezuela: después de la huida, la transición [10/04/2017]
Miguel Henrique Otero, Clarín

When Nicolas Maduro Was Dictator for a Day [09/04/2017]
Daniel Lansberg-Rodríguez, The Atlantic

Getting Venezuela to Behave [07/04/2017]
Ernesto J. Sanchez, Foreign Affairs

Can the World Help Venezuela Save Itself?[07/04/2017]
Abraham F. Lowenthal, The New York Times

Erro de Maduro fortalece a estratégia do Mercosul para a Venezuela [06/04/2017]
Matias Spektor, A Folha de S. Paulo

Aprofundamento da crise preocupa setores militares [06/04/2017]
Roberto Godoy, O Estado de S. Paulo

“El régimen de Maduro se está atrincherando” [06/04/2017]
Entrevista a Víctor Mijares, Deutsche Welle

In Venezuela 82% of people live in poverty – where are our friends now? [05/04/2017]
, The Guardian

La anomalía venezolana [04/04/2017]
Manuel Alcántara Sáez, El Pais

Venezuela’s Breaking Point [03/04/2017]
Allison Fedirka, Real Clear World

Golpe, en cámara lenta [02/04/2017]
Héctor E. Schamis, El Pais

How Does Populism Turn Authoritarian? Venezuela Is a Case in Point [01/04/2017]
Max Fisher, Amanda Taub, The New York Times

The Resilience of Venezuelan Authoritarianism [31/03/2017]
Víctor M. Mijares, GIGA

Maduro se quita la careta [31/03/2017]
Javier Cremades, El Pais

Opinion: Coup in Venezuela [30/03/2017]
Uta Thofern, Deutsche Welle

Brazil Should Do More for Venezuela's Refugees and Migrants [20/03/2017]
Maria Beatriz Bonna Nogueira, Maiara Folly, Americas Quarterly

The architecture of fear: how Caracas has adapted to constant threat of violence [01/03/2017]
Sofia Barbarani, The Guardian


Venezuela's Empty Elections [19/10/2017]

Final Curtain for Venezuela’s Democracy as Parliament is Dissolved [22/08/2017]
International Crisis Group

Dictadura en Venezuela[20/08/2017]
El Mundo

Constituyente impostora [20/08/2017]
El País

Chaos in Caracas [31/07/2017]
The Times

Dealing With Venezuela [28/07/2017]

El régimen de Maduro, cada vez más aislado [28/07/2017]
El Mundo

Otra derrota de Maduro [18/07/2017]
El País

China Could Have a Say on Venezuela's Future [18/07/2017]

La consulta venezolana es justo la antítesis de la catalana [18/07/2017]
El Mundo

Leopoldo López’s release won’t stop Venezuela’s opposition [08/07/2017]
Miami Herald

Charada chavista [25/05/2017]
El Pais

The Trump administration takes encouraging steps against Venezuela’s corrupt regime [22/05/2017]
The Washington Post

Estupidez chavista [06/05/2017]
A Folha de S. Paulo

Venezuela is on the edge of an abyss [06/05/2017]
The Gulf News

Frenar a Maduro [03/05/2017]
El Pais

Venezuela is heading toward cataclysm [03/05/2017]
The Washington Post

Descenso al caos en Venezuela [26/04/2017]
El Pais

Venezuela's Future Won't Be Settled in the Streets [26/04/2017]
Bloomberg View

The Guardian view on Venezuela: a country in pain [25/04/2017]
The Guardian

Venezuela, en la calle [21/04/2017]
El Pais

Maduro, fuera de la realidad [16/04/2017]
El Pais

Pressuring Venezuela’s Leader to Back Down [14/04/2017]
The New York Times

Venezuela : une spirale mortifère [14/04/2017]
Le Monde

O drama da Venezuela [14/04/2017]
O Estado de S. Paulo

Maduro se enroca y endurece su régimen autoritario [10/04/2017]
El Mundo

La única salida de Venezuela [05/04/2017]
El Pais

Nicolas Maduro Hasn’t Gotten the Message [05/04/2017]
Bloomberg View

External pressure, not empty talk, can rescue Venezuela [03/04/2017]
The Washington Post

Venezuelan democracy rallies after failed coup [02/04/2017]
Financial Times

Venezuela, a wannabe dictator and a dilemma for Trump [02/04/2017]
Chicago Tribune

What Trump Can Do for Venezuela [23/03/2017]
Bloomberg View


El Supremo de Venezuela en el exilio estudia juzgar a Maduro por corrupción [04/04/2018]
Ludmila Vinogradoff, ABC

Maduro Decides to Eliminate Three Zeros from Venezuela’s Currency [23/03/2018]
Latin America Herald Tribune

Venezuela’s Maduro, Clinging to Power, Uses Hunger as an Election Weapon [22/03/2018]
Ryan Dube, Kejal Vyas & Anatoly Kurmanaev, The Wall Street Journal

Maduro Challenger Promises U.S. Dollar Giveaway for Venezuelans [21/03/2018]

Venezuela Opposition Asks U.N. Not to Send Observers to May Vote [12/03/2018]

Venezuela opposition calls for protest against presidential vote [08/03/2018]

Venezuela Opposition Calls for Protest Against Presidential Vote [08/03/2018]

A Venezuelan politician says he can defeat Maduro. Why does the opposition hate him? [08/03/2018]
Jim Wyss, Miami Herald

Pragmatic candidate livens up Venezuela’s presidential race [06/03/2018]
Joshua Goodman and Scott Smith, Associated Press

Venezuela presidential election postponed to May [02/03/2018]

Venezuela's Falcon runs against Maduro for presidency, defying opposition [28/02/2018]
Vivian Sequera & Ana Isabel Martinez, Reuters

Venezuela: Electoral authority rejects President Maduro's mega-elections [24/02/2018]

Venezuela Opposition Will Boycott Election, and Maduro Tightens His Hold [21/02/2018]
Ana Vanessa Herrero and Kirk Semple, New York Times

El petro, ¿la criptomoneda del chavismo? [20/02/2018]
Luis Esteban G. Manrique, ES Global

'Do you fear me?': Venezuela's Maduro vows to gatecrash regional summit [15/02/2018]
Alexandra Ulmer, Vivian Sequera, Reuters

Lima Group countries criticize Venezuela election date [14/02/2018]
Marco Aquino, Reuters

Colombia and Brazil clamp down on borders as Venezuela crisis spurs exodus [09/02/2018]
John Otis, Guardian

Venezuela opposition weighs election run after talks end [08/02/2018]

Maduro buscará la reelección el 22 de abril cc
Daniel Lozano & Diego Santander, El Mundo

ICC to open separate initial examinations of Philippines ‘war on drugs;’ Venezuela protests [08/02/2018]
UN News

La ruptura de las negociaciones en Santo Domingo acelera el proceso electoral [07/02/2018]
Daniel Lozano & Diego Santander, El Mundo

US weighs extending sanctions to Venezuela oil industry [05/02/2018]

Tillerson says Venezuelan military may turn on Maduro [02/02/2018]

Venezuela Top Court Sidelines Opposition Coalition, Could Split Maduro Foes [26/01/2018]

Venezuela Calls for Early Elections, and Maduro Aims to Retain Control [23/01/2018]
Kirk Semple, The New York Times

Venezuela opposition looks to military to oust Maduro. Dream on [09/01/2018]
John Otis, Guardian

Venezuela Political Talks End Without Deal [03/12/2017]

Venezuela Arrests 2 Former Oil Officials, Claiming Corruption [30/11/2017]
Ana Vanessa Herrero & Nicholas Casey, The New York Times

Venezuela crisis: Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma flees country [18/11/2017]

L’agence de notation Standard and Poor’s déclare le Venezuela « en défaut partiel » sur sa dette [14/11/2017]
Le Monde

Venezuela creditors in the dark over looming $60bn bond default [14/11/2017]
John Paul Rathbone, Financial Times

EU readies sanctions on Venezuela, approves arms embargo [13/11/2017]
Robin Emmott, Reuters

Venezuela Meets Creditors in Bid to Dodge Default [13/11/2017]
Brian Ellsworth & Corina Pons, Reuters

Venezuela Government and Opposition to Resume Dialogue Effort [10/11/2017]

En 2018 habrá elecciones presidenciales en Venezuela': Nicolás Maduro [08/11/2017]

Russia Says It Will Ease Debt Burden on Venezuela [08/11/2017]

Clifford Krauss, The New York Times

EU to impose arms embargo on Venezuela, lays basis for sanctions: diplomats [08/11/2017]
Robin Emmott, Reuters

US urged to impose full embargo on Venezuelan oil [08/11/2017]
Financial Times

Venezuela Is in Hyperinflation, Says Opposition-Led National Assembly [07/11/2017]
Deutsche Welle

Chile willing to offer Venezuelan opposition politician political asylum [07/11/2017]
Deutsche Welle

Venezuela Opposition Leader Guevara Seeks Refuge in Chile Ambassador's home [05/11/2017]
Deisy Buitrago and Alexandra Ulmer, Reuters

If The Trump White House Doesn't Do Something, Venezuela Will Collapse [31/10/2017]
Roger Noriega, Newsweek

Venezuela: Leading opposition parties will boycott December vote [30/10/2017]

Venezuela opposition wins EU's top human rights prize [26/10/2017]

Venezuela opposition leader quits as coalition rift widens [25/10/2017]

Venezuela Governors Sworn in, Showing Opposition Disunity [24/10/2017]
Andrew Cawthorne & Andreina Aponte, Reuters

Venezuela Bars Opposition Governors from Taking Office [19/10/2017]
Anatoly Kurmanaev and María Ramírez, Wall Street Journal

Leaders of Venezuela’s Bruised Opposition to Travel Abroad to Denounce ‘Voting Fraud’ [19/10/2017]
Alexandra Ulmer & Corina Pons, Reuters

Au Venezuela, les gouverneurs élus de l’opposition refusent de prêter serment [18/10/2017]
Paulo A. Paranagua, Le Monde

Maduro Defends Election Results, Claims Opposition by U.S. Is Aiding Him [17/10/2017]
Rachelle Krygier & Anthony Faiola, The Washington Post

In Venezuela, Opposition Took Risk That Might Not Pay Off [16/10/2017]
Anthony Faiola & Rachelle Krygier, The Washington Post

Colombia asks Venezuela to allow international observers to monitor regional elections [06/10/2017]
Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports

Venezuela's Maduro says debt payments to Russia may be restructured [04/10/2017]

Venezuela opposition backs out of prospective negotiations with government [27/09/207]

Trump to meet Latin American leaders with eye on Venezuela [14/09/2017]
Anthony Boadle, Reuters

Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro Backs Talks with Reluctant Opposition [13/09/2017]
Deutsche Welle

Spain pushes EU to adopt restrictive measures against Venezuela [06/09/2017]

French President Macron meets Venezuela's opposition figures in Paris [04/09/2017]
France 24

Venezuela to Prosecute Those Supporting U.S. Sanctions [31/08/2017]
Diego Oré, Reuters

‘Hope Is Gone’ as Venezuelan Protesters Vanish from Streets [31/08/2017]
Ryan Dube, The Wall Street Journal

Le Venezuela déploie chars et soldats face à la « menace » des Etats-Unis [27/08/2017]
Le Monde

Près de cinquante médias fermés par le gouvernement vénézuélien [27/08/2017]
Le Monde

La Constituante vénézuélienne annonce un référendum sur la future Constitution [25/08/2017]
Le Monde

La fiscal rebelde de Venezuela: “Hablaré del escándalo Odebrecht y de corrupción” [23/08/2017]
Sally Palomino & Xosé Hermida, El País

Au Venezuela, la Constituante s’arroge les pouvoirs du Parlement [19/08/2017]
Le Monde

Venezuela Intensifies Crackdown on Government Critics [18/08/2017]
Rachelle Krygier & Anthony Faiola, The Washington Post

Venezuela: a ditadura mora ao lado [09/08/2017]
Mariana Queiroz Barboza com Giovanna Wolf Tadini, Época

Maduro hails Constituent Assembly election victory [31/07/2017]
Al Jazeera

Maduro amenaza con levantar la inmunidad a los diputados opositores [31/07/2017]
El País

O que acontece agora? 4 pontos-chave para entender a polêmica Constituinte na Venezuela  [31/07/2017]
A Folha de S. Paulo

Maduro consuma un autogolpe en Venezuela en la jornada electoral más violenta [31/07/2017]
Alfredo Meza & Francesco Manetto, El País

Venezuela : des morts et des incertitudes sur la participation pour l’élection de la nouvelle Assemblée [31/07/2017]
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Trump Outsources Venezuela Policy to Marco Rubio [28/07/2017]
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Así amenaza el chavismo para forzar al voto: "Quien no vote, está botado" [28/07/2017]
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Maduro prohíbe las protestas que afecten a la Constituyente [28/07/2017]
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El Gobierno de Venezuela prohíbe la Toma de Caracas [27/07/2017]
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Au Venezuela, un deuxième jour de grève nationale pour maintenir la pression sur le président Maduro [27/07/2017]
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Trump Administration Slaps Sanctions on Venezuela [26/07/2017]
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Acopio de agua, comida y velas en Venezuela ante la huelga de 48 horas convocada por la oposición [25/07/2017]
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La amenaza de sanciones agrava la escasez en Venezuela [24/07/2017]
Ludmila Vinogradoff, Clarín

As chaos envelops Venezuela, Caracas spends millions on lobbyists in Washington [24/07/2017]
Alex Daugherty and Franco Ordoñez, Miami Herald

Maduro dice que todos los magistrados nombrados por el Parlamento irán presos [24/07/2017]
El Mundo

Os principais pontos das eleições que dividem a Venezuela [23/07/2017]

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Los dilemas de Trump y el temor de que Venezuela imite a Cuba [23/07/2017]
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Trump Administration Is Weighing New Sanctions Against Venezuela [21/07/2017]
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El Mercosur pidió que cese la violencia pero no expulsó a Venezuela [21/07/2017]

Mercosur baja el tono en su presión a Nicolás Maduro por la Constituyente [21/07/2017]
Federico Rivas Molina, El País

Venezuela: la oposición ya tiene su propia Corte Suprema [21/07/2017]

Anti-Maduro Strike Paralyzes Swathes of Venezuela [20/07/2017]

Una huelga general endurece el pulso contra la Constituyente de Maduro [20/07/2017]
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Anti-Maduro Strike Paralyzes Swathes of Venezuela [20/07/2017]

Venezuela rejects Trump sanctions threat, reviews relations [19/07/2017]
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La oposición venezolana hace público su programa de gobierno ante el "cambio inminente" [19/07/2017]
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Threat of U.S. oil sanctions on Venezuela sparks fears of economic ‘collapse’ [18/07/2017]
Jim Wyss, Patricia Mazzei and Alex Daugherty, Miami Herald

Trump threatens sanctions if Venezuela creates Constituent Assembly [18/07/2017]

Dastis cree que aún “no es momento” de que la UE sancione a Venezuela [18/07/2017]
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Oposição venezuelana anuncia Governo paralelo e greve geral [18/07/2017]
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Venezuela : Trump somme Maduro de faire marche arrière [18/07/2017]
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España pide a la UE explorar sancionar a Nicolás Maduro si hay referéndum Constituyente [17/07/2017]
Beatriz Ríos, El Mundo

Venezuelans reject constitutional rewrite in non-binding referendum [17/07/2017]
Julia Jones and Stefano Pozzebon, CNN

Venezuela opposition says 7 million vote in anti-Maduro poll [16/07/2017]
Corina Pons and Brian Ellsworth, Reuters

Venezuelans rebuke government in massive ‘symbolic’ vote [16/07/2017]
Cody Weddle and Jim Wyss, Miami Herald

U.N. Urges Venezuela to Allow Dissent as Asylum Requests Soar [14/07/2017]
Stephanie Nebehay, Reuters

Opposition Rises to Venezuelan Leader’s Plan to Cement Power [13/07/2017]
Ryan Dube, The Wall Street Journal

Slingshots vs. shotguns: Venezuela’s ‘youth resistance’ takes on the government [11/07/2017]
Cody Weddle & Jim Wyss, Miami Herald

Exclusive: At least 123 Venezuelan soldiers detained since protests – documents [11/07/2017]

"No hubo negociación, fue una decisión unilateral de Nicolás Maduro" [10/07/2017]
Ludmila Vinogradoff, Clarín

El silencio y el grillete electrónico [10/07/2017]
Alfredo Meza, El País

La oposición venezolana exige a Maduro la liberación de todos los presos políticos [10/07/2017]
Maolis Castro, El País

Surprise concession for opposition leader renews hope in Venezuela [08/07/2017]
Cody Weddle and Jim Wyss, Miami Herald

Mid-Terms, Graduation, Fighting a Dictator: Venezuelan Students’ Shifting Priorities [06/07/2017]
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Maduro Justice: Secret Evidence and Military Courts for Venezuela's Protesters [26/06/2017]
Manuel Rueda and Natalia Viana, Americas’ Quarterly

Maduro desafía las críticas del chavismo y sigue adelante con la Constituyente [02/06/2017]
El Pais

Venezuelan judge murdered as street violence spirals amid political unrest [02/06/2017]
The Guardian

Des intellectuels de gauche du monde entier se mobilisent contre la violence au Venezuela [31/05/2017]
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Los cancilleres americanos buscan en la OEA una salida diplomática a la crisis de Venezuela [31/05/2017]
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Escalade des tensions dans les manifestations vénézuéliennes [30/05/2017]
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La procureure générale du Venezuela critique la répression de l’opposition [26/05/2017]
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Venezuela opposition blasts president's plan to rewrite constitution and delay elections [24/05/2017]
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Venezuela: 50th day of protests brings central Caracas to a standstill [20/05/2017]
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U.S. Blacklists Maduro Loyalists on Venezuela Supreme Court [18/05/2017]
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Venezuelan government sends troops to border state to stop looting and violence [17/05/2017]
The Guardian

Police and Protesters in Venezuela Share Common Grievances [17/05/2017]
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Maduro decreta estado de exceção 'para combater crise' [16/05/2017]
O Estado de S. Paulo

Does toppling of Chávez statue mean Venezuela has reached a breaking point?[09/05/2017]
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Venezuela : les forces de l’ordre font à nouveau barrage aux opposants [09/05/2017]
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Venezuela plan to rewrite constitution branded a coup by former regional allies [02/05/2017]
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Venezuela's Maduro reaches for Chavez's constitution playbook [02/05/2017]

Venezuela says it will quit Organization of American States [26/04/2017]
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Venezuela Opposition Aims to Keep Protests Peaceful, but Violence Erupts [24/04/2017]
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Venezuela causa preocupação no Papa Francisco e no Mercosul. Mas qual a saída? [23/04/2017]

Venezuela's anger is on the streets. But the ballot box remains key for change [21/04/2017]
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Venezuela: ¿Nicolás Maduro quiere elecciones? [20/04/2017]

Many Poor Venezuelans Are Too Hungry to Join Antigovernment Protests [20/04/2017]
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Why some Venezuelans have turned to bitcoin mining [20/04/2017]
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Venezuela's anger is on the streets. But the ballot box remains key for change [21/04/2017]
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Venezuela opposition launches new protests a day after three deaths [20/04/2017]
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Venezuelans flood streets in big demonstration against Maduro government [19/04/2017]
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Venezuela braces for the 'mother of all protests' as both sides call for rallies [19/04/2017]
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Venezuelan army vows loyalty to embattled president [17/04/2017]
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Capriles: 'The government is promoting the violence' [17/04/2017]
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La oposición acusa al chavismo de torturar a activistas [17/04/2017]
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Maduro ordena al Ejército salir a la calle en vísperas de la marcha de la oposición [17/04/2017]
El Pais

Is it the end of socialism in Venezuela?[11/04/2017]
Vanessa Neumann, Anatoly Kurmanaev, Diego Arria, Al Jazeera [vídeo]

EE UU condena al chavismo por “silenciar” a Capriles [11/04/2017]
El Pais

Un Parlamento sin sueldos, sin café y sin papel higiénico [11/04/2017]
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Pese a la represión, la oposición venezolana se planta en la calle [11/04/2017]
La Nación

Brasil e OEA defendem eleições para solucionar crise na Venezuela [10/04/2017]

Maduro llama a elecciones regionales mientras las protestas siguen en Venezuela [10/04/2017]
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Venezuela Socialists' election strategy? Block adversaries [09/04/2017]

Otro avance chavista sobre la oposición: Capriles, inhabilitado por 15 años [08/04/2017]
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Venezuelan opposition leader sidelined? [08/04/2017]
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La inhabilitación del político tranquilo [08/04/2017]
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Opponent of Venezuela’s Ruler Is Barred From Holding Office [07/04/2017]
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Venezuela opposition keeps up pressure in streets [06/04/2017]
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El régimen de Maduro acusa a la OEA de fraude en su resolución sobre la crisis venezolana [06/04/2017]
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El Parlamento venezolano inicia los trámites para remover a los magistrados del Supremo [06/04/2017]
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The Venezuelan government’s abortive power grab [06/04/2017]
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Venezuela reverses its congressional ‘coup’ but tensions remain [01/04/2017]
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Venezuela leaps towards dictatorship [31/03/2017]
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Capriles: “En Venezuela se ha dado un madurazo” [30/03/2017]
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Venezuela court effectively shuts down congress as opposition cries ‘coup [30/03/2017]
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Maduro acusa al Parlamento de traición a la patria [23/03/2017]
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