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Eleições Gerais no Reino Unido
11 | Julho | 2017

Theresa May venceu as eleições gerais com menos 8 deputados que os necessários para uma maioria absoluta. O Partido Conservador não consegue assim reforçar o seu mandato face às negociações com a UE sobre o Brexit. Depois de negociar um acordo com o Partido Unionista Democrático da Irlanda do Norte (DUP), May irá formar um governo minoritário.




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UK election parties and candidates: Who is standing in your constituency in 2017? [15/05/2017]
The Daily Telegraph


Opiniões & Análises
A year on from when she first became Prime Minister, Theresa May is about to be replaced by someone even worse
James Moore, The Independent

4 takeaways on the Tory deal with the Democratic Unionist Party [26/06/2017]
Peter Geoghegan, Politico

Législatives britanniques : la revanche des « millenials» [18/06/2017]
Owen Worth, Le Monde

Britain's Norway Solution [15/06/2017]
Anatole Kaletsky, Project Syndicate

The Labour Party now belongs to Jeremy Corbyn [10/06/2017]
The Economist

Theresa May’s failed gamble [10/06/2017]
The Economist

Britain’s Postelection Future [09/06/2017]
Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

That Time Theresa May Forgot that Elections Come With Opponents [09/06/2017]
Emile Simpson, Belfer Center

Theresa May and the revenge of the Remainers [09/06/2017]
Anne Applebaum, The Washington Post

Britain Will Pay for Theresa May’s Election Gamble [09/06/2017]
Matthew D’Ancona, The New York Times

How Jeremy Corbyn Proved the Haters Wrong [09/06/2017]
Rachel Shabi, The New York Times

Législatives au Royaume-Uni : « Le programme de Corbyn, orienté vers les services publics, a aidé les travaillistes » [09/06/2017]
Entrevista a Matthew Robert Cole, Le Monde

May's Catastrophic Result Clouds UK's Future [09/06/2017]
Jörg Schindler, Der Spiegel

British Voters: Trust Nobody [09/06/2017]
Alex Massie, The Atlantic

The Punishment of Theresa May [09/06/2017]
David Frum, The Atlantic

How a minority government does (not) work [09/06/2017]
R.C., The Economist

The culture wars arrive in Britain [09/06/2017]
The Economist

That Time Theresa May Forgot That Elections Come With Opponents [09/06/2017]
Emile Simpson, Foreign Policy

How Theresa May Gambled Away Her Power [09/06/2017]
Timothy Stafford, The National Interest

How Theresa May Became Britain’s Mitt Romney [09/06/2017]
Matt Purple, The National Interest

Two Views From Brussels: How U.K. Election Changes Brexit Debate [09/06/2017]
Rikard Jozwiak, RFE

Mayday in the UK [09/06/2017]
George Walden, The American Interest

What the UK election result means for 'surprised' Trump and the US [09/06/2017]
Sam Meredith, Karen Gilchrist, CNBC

Everyone loses in UK election [09/06/2017]
Richard V. Reeves, Brookings Institution

The rise of the remainers is about to begin. May’s Brexit strategy lies in ruins [09/06/2017]
Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

UK economy now in the fog of election uncertainty [09/06/2017]
Larry Elliott, The Guardian

The real winner in a hung parliament is whoever can see past it [09/06/2017]
Martin Kettle, The Guardian

Theresa May anointed herself Empress of Brexit. Now her authority is shot [09/06/2017]
Rafael Behr, The Guardian

Young people voted because Labour offered them a change. It’s that simple [09/06/2017]
Maya Goodfellow, The Guardian

Voters have backed spending more on strong and stable public services [09/06/2017]
David Walker, The Guardian

Even this election didn’t shake Britain’s Brexit denial. Europe must act alone [09/06/2017]
Joris Luyendijk, The Guardian

How a hung parliament totally changes the game for Brexit [09/06/2017]
Helen Parr, The Conversation

A seismic shift has occurred in British politics [09/06/2017]
Matthew Flinders, The Conversation

Five things the DUP will want in return for propping up a Conservative government [09/06/2017]
Connal Parr, The Conversation

How Theresa May’s election disaster looks from continental Europe [09/06/2017]
Patricia Hogwood, The Conversation

Why a Tory-DUP deal could bring even stormier waters to Northern Ireland [09/06/2017]
Peter John McLoughlin, The Conversation

British election results: May’s gamble backfires [09/06/2017]
George Parker, Financial Times

Was this the revenge of the liberal metropolitan elite? [09/06/2017]
Laurence Dodds, The Daily Telegraph

Theresa May, the new Hillary Clinton [09/06/2017]
Mary Ann Sieghart, Politico EU

5 takeaways from the UK election [09/06/2017]
Charlie Cooper, Politico EU

What went wrong for the Tories? [09/06/2017]
James Forsyth, The Spectator

The end of Brexit Britain [09/06/2017]
Nick Cohen, The Spectator

To survive, Tories must compromise with Remainers – and Corbynism [09/06/2017]
James Kirkup, The Spectator

The British left have enjoyed a golden night [09/06/2017]
Nick Hilton, The Spectator

Weak and unstable Theresa May’s gamble has failed – and now she will have to go [08/06/2017]
John Rentoul, The Independent

I can’t believe in May or Corbyn, but the ballot is sacred. How to vote? [08/06/2017]
Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

The anti-Brexit campaign is dead and four other lessons from the general election [08/06/2017]
George Eaton, The Spectator

Don’t be fooled by the U.K. election: There’s nothing democratic about Brexit [07/06/2017]
Mai'a K. Davis Cross, The Washington Post

A Very British Radical [07/06/2017]
Ross Douthat, The New York Times

Win or lose, this will be Theresa May’s last election [07/06/2017]
Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

What's at Stake in the UK Elections? [07/06/2017]
James McBride, Council on Foreign Relations

With Leaders Like This, Britain Should Panic [07/06/2017]
Clive Crook, Bloomberg View

When you go to the ballot box, think first of Brexit [06/06/2017]
Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian

The unlikely rise of Jeremy Corbyn [06/06/2017]
Jim Pickard, Financial Times

A Case for Jeremy Corbyn [05/06/2017]
Roger Cohen, The New York Times

UK election: Brexit is back [02/06/2017]
Susi Dennison, ECFR

Labour and the Tories start to spell out their differences on Brexit [02/06/2017]
Dan Roberts, The Guardian

The Most Interesting Poll in Britain Right Now [01/06/2017]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View

Embers of Populism Shrivel May's Lead as U.K. Vote Nears [01/06/2017]
Therese Raphael, Bloomberg View

Which party’s manifesto promises would make Britain happiest? [30/05/2017]
Michael Plant, The Conversation

This election has sparked a weird debate – one in which no one seems to want to talk [29/05/2017]
Armando Iannucci, New Statesman

Battle of the British nationalisms [29/05/2017]
David Torrance, Politico EU

How the British election looks like America’s [29/05/2017]
Susan B. Glasser, Politico EU

At a time of great change, Theresa May offers nothing but the status quo [26/05/2017]
Daniel Fitzpatrick, The Conversation

Theresa May weathers passing campaign squalls [26/05/2017]
Bruce Anderson, Financial Times

What Made Theresa May Run With the Pack [24/05/2017]
Alan Cowell, The New York Times

Las propuestas lepenistas de Theresa May [22/05/2017]
Gabriela Cañas, El Pais

Jeremy Corbyn has defied his critics to become Labour’s best hope of survival[22/05/2017]
Gary Younge, The Guardian

We wanted a politics of audacity. May’s manifesto delivers it [21/05/2017]
Matthew d'Ancona, The Guardian

UK Conservatives slip in opinion polls ahead of election [21/05/2017]
Jane Mcintosh, Deutsche Welle

Theresa May Plays to Everyone, Promises Nothing [19/05/2017]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View

May and Corbyn Get Honest, Except on Brexit [19/05/2017]
Ferdinando Giugliano, Bloomberg View

Les conservateurs au pouvoir favoris des élections législatives du 8 juin au Royaume-Uni [15/05/2017]
Corinne Deloy, Fondation Robert Schuman

A Risk Worth Taking? The Rationale Behind Prime Minister May's Early Election Gambit [15/05/2017]
Hans Pung, RAND

Labour has a chance if it replaces Corbyn. Look at Australia in 1983 [12/05/2017]
Van Badham, The Guardian

Theresa May’s Vapid Vision for a One-Party State [11/05/2017]
William Davies, The New York Times

Labour will make Britain a force for good – the Tories would take us to war [11/05/2017]
Emily Thornberry, The Guardian

Lessons for the election campaign from UK media’s role in Brexit [10/05/2017]
Martin Moore, Gordon Neil Ramsay, The Conversation

Theresa May recites Labour’s lines, but doesn’t mean a word of them [10/05/2017]
David Graeber, The Guardian

Britain’s young people are getting back into politics at last [08/05/2017]
James Hart, The Conversation

UK local elections are ‘warm up’ act for June’s Brexit ballot [07/05/2017]
Andrew Hammond, The Gulf News

Are Brits Tired of Politics? [05/05/2017]
Linda Kinstler, The Atlantic

Strong and stable leadership: inside the Conservatives’ election slogan [04/05/2017]
Scott Taylor, The Conversation

The Election Could Give Theresa May a Mandate. It Won’t Give Her a Clue. [04/05/2017]
Gary Younge, The Nation

Fighting an election only to refuse a seat: Sinn Féin and Westminster abstention [02/05/2017]
Marie Coleman, The Conversation

Is this really the Brexit election? [28/04/2017]
Paul Whiteley, Harold D Clarke, Matthew Goodwin, The Conversation

What Mandate for Theresa May? [27/04/2017]
Chris Patten, Project Syndicate

Voter fatigue may be key to unlocking UK election [26/04/2017]
Peter Hellyer, The National

The UK election will be about more than just policy [26/04/2017]
Shelina Zahra Janmohamed, The National

Ukip thinks bashing Muslims wins votes – but this could spell its end [26/04/2017]
Miqdaad Versi, The Guardian

Uniting the Kingdom [24/04/2017]
Dave Keating, Berlin Policy Journal

UK election: Asking Britons how they want Brexit served [24/04/2017]
Jonathan Eyal, The Strat Times

UK election could accelerate unravelling of EU [24/04/2017]
Humphrey Hawksley, Nikkei Asian Review

Britain’s Mother Theresa [23/04/2017]
Trisha de Borchgrave, Al Arabiya

UK election will facilitate Brexit compromises [23/04/2017]
Stephen Blackwell, The National

Why an election offers the chance of a better Brexit [22/04/2017]
The Economist

What can Theresa May say to the Tory Remainers? [22/04/2017]
Hugo Rifkind, The Spectator

The curse of May? Prime Minister loses yet another spin doctor [21/04/2017]
Steerpike, The Spectator

Back to the future: The May-Corbyn debate [21/04/2017]
Rosa Prince, Politico EU

To understand Britain today, look to the 17th century [21/04/2017]
Bagehot, The Economist

Theresa May’s Snap Election Isn’t All About Brexit [20/04/2017]
Matthew Goodwin, Chatham House

Britain’s election will look the same as ever. But everything will be completely different. [20/04/2017]
Anne Applebaum, The Washington Post

Brexit is about to become unstoppable: Theresa May is killing off Remain for good [20/04/2017]
Rupert Myers, The Daily Telegraph

Could the 2017 general election turn Wales blue? [20/04/2017]
Roger Scully, New Statesman

Theresa May: the Brexit PM seeks a mandate [20/04/2017]
Jason Cowley, New Statesman

Why is the U.K. holding an election now? [20/04/2017]
David Howell, The Japan Times

The Foregone Conclusion of Britain’s Election [19/04/2017]
Kenan Malik, The New York Times

Brexit looms large over UK election [19/04/2017]
Susi Dennison, ECFR

May: elecciones, legitimidad y tentación [19/04/2017]
Salvador Llaudes, Real Instituto Elcano

Why Labour MPs are starting to get excited about Yvette Cooper [19/04/2017]
Stephen Bush, New Statesman

May Snap Election: A Move Toward British Disunification [19/04/2017]
Denis MacShane, The Globalist

May’s Election Gamble [18/04/2017]
Peter Kellner, Carnegie Europe

The UK’s general election: Mandate for a softer Brexit or preparation for going over the cliff edge? [18/04/2017]
Fabian Zuleeg, European Policy Centre

Theresa May’s biggest risk with election 2017 looks to be Scotland [18/04/2017]
William McDougall, The Conversation

May's Latest Brexit Gambit Is Clever But Not Smart [18/04/2017]
Therese Raphael, The Brookings Institution


Theresa May's deal with the DUP will be a tricky balancing act [26/06/2017]

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Britain plunged into greater uncertainty by election result [10/06/2017]
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The Guardian view on the 2017 election result: a call for a different Britain [09/06/2017]
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Printemps cruel pour Theresa May [09/06/2017]
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La derrota de Theresa May [09/06/2017]
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Theresa May's Disastrous Failure [09/06/2017]
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The Guardian view on the Brexit election: look ahead now [07/06/2017]
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Elecciones abiertas [07/06/2017]
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Britain's Strange Election About Nothing [07/06/2017]
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The Guardian view on Northern Ireland’s election: not just border country [06/06/2017]

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Theresa May's Political Malpractice [31/05/2017]
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The British Labour Party's Zombie Manifesto [16/05/2017]
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Bloomberg View

May’s bold election gambit [21/04/2017]
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UK Elections: a June date for Theresa May [20/04/2017]
The Hindu

Strengthening Britain’s Hand on Brexit [20/04/2017]
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There’s a lot riding on Britain’s snap elections [20/04/2017]
The Washington Post

There is no time for Tory complacency [20/04/2017]
The Daily Telegraph

Theresa May’s Brexit Gamble [19/04/2017]
The Bloomberg View

Voters must ask themselves: who is fit to govern Britain? [19/04/2017]
The Daily Telegraph


Législatives au Royaume-Uni : les conservateurs perdent leur bastion londonien de Kensington
Le Monde

UK PM Theresa May says will 'reflect' on election, names ministers to stay on in posts [09/06/2017]
Deutsche Welle

Cabinet reshuffle: Who's set for promotion and who will be axed? [09/06/2017]
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DUP manifesto: What they will demand to prop up Theresa May [09/06/2017]
The Daily Telegraph

What is a hung parliament and what happens now? [09/06/2017]
The Guardian

May reaches deal with DUP to form government after shock election result [09/06/2017]
The Guardian

'Yet another own goal' – EU points to Brexit breakdown after UK election [09/06/2017]
The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn’s backing for Brexit vindicated by electoral gains [09/06/2017]
Politico EU

General election: May falters during challenge over record on public services [02/06/2017]
The Guardian

El ‘Brexit’ y sus efectos centran la campaña electoral en Reino Unido [02/06/2017]
El Pais

Royaume-Uni : porté par les sondages, Jeremy Corbyn se pose en garant d’un Brexit réussi [01/06/2017]
Le Monde

Royaume-Uni : quels sont les enjeux des élections législatives anticipées ?[31/05/2017]
Le Monde

Manchester Bombing Shifts Political Narrative as U.K. Election Looms [24/05/2017]
The New York Times

Theresa May's cult of personality [22/05/2017]
Deutsche Welle

La cyberattaque contre le NHS enflamme la campagne des législatives britanniques [15/05/2017]
Le Monde

Tories intensify attacks on Brussels, saying it supports Labour [07/05/2017]
The Guardian

UK election reinforces Scotland's divide [03/05/2017]
Deutsche Welle

Theresa May hires former Obama campaign chief [24/04/2017]
Politico EU

UK general election 2017: Poll tracker and odds [21/04/2017]
The Daily Telegraph

Theresa May seeks a snap election [18/04/2017]
The Economist

If Theresa May loses the General Election in June, is Brexit over? [18/04/2017]
The Daily Telegraph

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