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Alemanha: Acordo de coligação
19 | Março | 2018

A 7 de Fevereiro, 5 meses depois das eleições para o Parlamento Alemão, a CDU/CSU e o SPD assinaram um acordo de coligação para a formação de um novo governo que trouxe alívio às instituições do país e à Europa. Contudo, o duro processo negocial e os maus resultados dos principais partidos nas eleições estaduais, provocaram um aceso debate sobre o futuro dos partidos e das respetivas lideranças.

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“Ergebnisse der Sondierungsgespräche von CDU, CSU und SPD”Resultados de las conversaciones de CDU, CSU y SPD (12 de enero de 2018) - Extractos
Real Instituto Elcano

Provisional results
Federal Returning Officer

How does the German general election work? [16/09/2017]
Rebecca Staudenmaier, DW

German election: What you need to know about Germany's political parties CDU, CSU, SPD, AfD, FDP, Left Party, Greens [06/09/2017]

German election 2017 poll tracker
Financial Times


Opiniões & Análises
Germany’s Post-Merkel Power Fraus [19/03/2018]
Paul Hockenos, Foreign Policy

So You’ve Got Populists in Your Parliament. What Next? [14/03/2018]
Anna Sauerbrey, New York Times

Germany’s Dangerous Political Marriage [13/03/2018]
Helmut K. Anheier, Project Syndicate

Merkel’s Victory Exposes Europe’s Political Fault Lines [06/03/2018]
Richard Ogier, Globe and Mail

Where's the Enthusiasm? Germany's New Milquetoast Government [05/03/2018]
Florian Gathmann, Der Spiegel

The End of Little Germany? [05/03/2018]
Sophia Besch, Project Syndicate

German Politics: The Limbo Is Over [05/03/2018]
Holger Schmieding, The Globalist

How the Left destroyed its voter base [02/03/2018]
Peter Franklin, UnHerd

'The Stability of Our Political System Is at Stake' [26/02/2018]
Entrevista a Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Der Spiegel

Germany’s New Grand Coalition bodes ill for German leadership [26/02/2018]
Laura-Hope Gammell, German Marshall Fund

Merkel Created Germany’s Far Right [24/02/2018]
Fredrik Erixon, The Spectator

The last thing Germany – and Europe – needs is a grand coalition [23/02/2018]
Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian

A minority government could win back voters in political debate [21/02/2018]
Helmut K. Anheier, Handelsblatt

Germany’s political identity crisis [20/02/2018]
Leopold Traugott, Politico

Angela’s Merkel government of losers [19/02/2018]
Josef Joffe, Politico

Martin Schulz, the man who could only disappoint [18/02/2018]
Ulrike Guérot, Politico

Could coalition save the Social Democrats? [15/02/2018]
Claus Leggewie, Handelsblatt

Más de lo mismo [12/02/2018]
Antonio Navalón, El País

Alemania al estilo europeo [12/02/2018]
Xavier Vidal-Folch, El País

Germany gets a taste of grassroots revolt [11/02/2018]
Wolfgang Münchau, Financial Times

Angela Merkel declares victory and surrenders [09/02/2018]
Andreas Kluth, Handelsbatt

Merkel's coalition giveaways will be her downfall [08/02/2018]
Thomas Sigmund, Handelsblatt

Germany’s new coalition comes with risks for Europe – and Brexit [08/02/2018]
Alan Posener, The Guardian

Too soon for champagne toasts to GroKo [07/02/2018]
Ulrike Esther Franke, ECFR

The Dangers of Cartel Government [07/02/2018]
Doug Bandow, The American Conservative

Fazer das fraquezas forças [07/02/2018]
Teresa de Sousa, Público

US tax reform and implications for the German coalition agreement [07/02/2018]
Guntram B. Wolff, Bruegel

Une Allemagne européenne [07/02/2018]
Jean-Christophe Ploquin, La Croix

The 'Mutti' Complex: Why German Politics Can't Move Beyond Merkel [06/02/2018]
René Pfister, Der Spiegel

German Politics Is Tilting Toward European Federalism [04/02/2018]
Wolfgang Munchau, Financial Times

Why the Problems for Germany’s Centrists Are Only Beginning [04/02/2018]
Andrew Green, World Politics Review

Uncomfortable questions for Merkel’s Germany [30/01/2018]
Frederick Studemann, Financial Times

Germany’s bland grand coalition [25/01/2018]
Clemens Fuest, Handelsblatt

Germany, Waiting for GroKo [22/01/2018]
Derek Scally, Berlin Policy Journal

Another Grand Coalition Takes Shape in Berlin [22/01/2018]
Sudha David-Wilp, Foreign Affairs

German Politics: What If the SPD Balks? [20/01/2018]
Holger Schmieding, The Globalist

Dudas en la socialdemocracia alemana [18/01/2018]
Marcos Suárez Sipmann, Política Exterior

In Germany, Merkel’s center-right party may be trying to form a government with the center-left. That could be a problem. [06/12/2017]
Stephen J. Silvia, Washington Post

In Merkel’s Crisis, Echoes of Weimar [04/12/2017]
Charles S. Maier, New York Review of Books

'I'm Made of Stern Stuff' [01/12/2017]
Entrevista a Martin Schulz, Der Spiegel

Is Germany Ready for a Minority Government? [01/12/2017]
Corinna Blutguth, German Marshall Fund

A New Grand Coalition for Germany – and Europe [28/11/2017]
Jeffrey D. Sachs, Project Syndicate

Germany’s coalition woes reveal the failing centre [26/11/2017]
Wolfgang Munchau, Financial Times

Merkel — and Davos — Rebuked in Germany [25/11/2017]
Michael Barone, National Review

Germany’s place at the centre of the EU cannot hold [25/11/2017]
Enrico Ellero, Financial Times

In praise of minority government [24/11/2017]
Andreas KluthAndreas Kluth, Handelsblatt

Stop the World. Germany Is Stepping Off [24/11/2017]
Philip Stephens, Financial Times

What Merkel’s political woes mean for the EU [24/11/2017]
John Lloyd, Reuters

Between ice cream cakes and revolution [23/11/2017]
John Kornblum, Handelsblatt

Is Merkel on her way out? Yes, but not quite yet. [22/11/2017]
Dan Hough, Washington Post

A World Without Merkel [22/11/2017]
Marc Champion, Bloomberg

Angela Merkel’s Failure May Be Just What Europe Needs [22/11/2017]
Ross Douthat, New York Times

La agonía de Angela Merkel asusta a Europa [21/11/2017]
Carlos Elordi, El Diario

Germany's Chance for a Reset [21/11/2017]
Sudha David-Wilp, German Marshall Fund

Angela Merkel faces her greatest challenge [21/11/2017]
Matthew Qvortrup, New Statesman

And Yet, Europe: Atlanticism after the German Election [21/11/2017]
Carolin Wefer, German Marshall Fund

Germany Wins, Merkel Loses [21/11/2017]
Ullrich Fichtner, Der Spiegel

A Profound Examination of Germany's Future [20/11/2017]
Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

Germany Has Plunged into Unprecedented Political Chaos [20/11/2017]
Paul Hockenos, Foreign Policy

PISM Spotlight: No “Jamaica” Coalition in Germany: What Next? [20/11/2017]
Sebastian Płóciennik, PISM

Germany and the Age of Political Absolutism [20/11/2017]
Anna Sauerbrey, New York Times

Is Angela Merkel’s tenure as German chancellor drawing to a close? [20/11/2017]
Wolfgang Munchau, Financial Times

Germany's Plunge Into Unprecedented Political Chaos [20/11/2017]
Paul Hockenos, Foreign Policy

Elections allemandes : «Il n’y a pas de rival sérieux qui émerge» [20/11/2017]
Entrevista a Hans Stark, Libération

What a Mess! [20/11/2017]
Bettina Vestring, Berlin Policy Journal

What does Germany’s political crisis mean for Brexit? [20/11/2017]
Martin Kettle, The Guardian

Germany's Coalition That Couldn't [20/11/2017]
Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff, GMF

The German political system is pretty much kaput. This is why Angela Merkel’s departure could be very good or very bad for Brexit  [20/11/2017]
Sean O’Grady, Independent

Everyone Loses in Coalition Collapse [20/11/2017]
Philipp Wittrock, Der Spiegel

Martin Schulz Faces a Fight for Survival [17/11/2017]
Veit Medick, Der Spiegel

Why Social Democrats Have Become Irrelevant [17/11/2017]
John Lloyd, Reuters

What to Expect from the New German Government? [17/11/2017]
Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff & Kevin Cottrell, German Marshall Fund

Germany's Unrepresentative Democracy [15/11/2017]
Bettina Vestring, Berlin Policy Journal

The long and winding road to Jamaica [09/11/2017]
Josef Janning, ECFR

Could Germany's FDP sink Angela Merkel's coalition talks? [06/11/2017]
Jefferson Chase, DW

Germany shifting to the right [02/11/2017]
Alexander Görlach, Real Instituto Elcano

Why the AfD Could Be Good for German Democracy: Will It Bring an End to the CDU-SPD Consensus? [02/11/2017]
Hans Kundnani, Foreign Affairs

'We Know How This Movie Ends' [25/10/2017]
Joschka Fischer, Der Spiegel

Merkel's "Homelessness" of Power and the Future of the EU [23/10/2017]
Benjamin Zyla, CIPS

Germany Must Consider Dangerous Alliances [23/10/2017]
George Friedman, Mauldin Economics

Merkel pays a high price for her fourth term [09/10/2017]
Miguel Otero-Iglesias, Elcano

How Merkel Wins While Disappointing Everyone [09/10/2017]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg 

What Drove the Votes for Germany's AfD? [06/10/2017]
Alexander Roth & Guntram Wolff, Bruegel

Views from the capitals: How to constrain populism in Germany [05/10/2017]

Brun «Völkisch» [04/10/2017]
Uwe Puschne, Libération

Same, Same, but Different – Germany After the 2017 Elections [03/10/2017]
Sophie Arts, German Marshall Fund

Germany’s Social Democrats need more than just a time-out [03/10/2017]
Michael Bröning, Politico

'We Don't Like Islamic Invasion': The Leader of Germany's Rising Right Speaks Out [02/10/2017]
Entrevista a Alexander Gauland, The Atlantic

The Disastrous Decline of the European Center-Left [02/10/2017]
Sheri Berman, The New York Times

German election: An opening for Poland? [29/09/2017]
Piotr Buras, ECFR

A Jamaican Germany is good for Europe [29/09/2017]
Guntram B. Wolff, Bruegel

Return of the German Volk [29/09/2017]
Roger Cohen, New York Times

The End of the Roth Republic [29/09/2017]
Derek Scally, Berlin Policy Journal

Tras las elecciones en Alemania: un "grand bargain" para Europa [09/2017]
Pol Morillas, CIDOB

What Does The German Election Mean For Brexit? [28/09/2017]
Sophia Besch, Deutsche Welle

Germany’s Foreign Policy following the Parliamentary Elections [28/09/2017]
Yotam Rosner, INSS

German elections: The collapse of consensus [28/09/2017]
Marcus Colla, The Interpreter

The Geography of German Populism: Reflections on the 2017 Bundestag Election [28/09/2017]
Martin Eiermann, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

Merkel y el arte de gobernar [27/09/2017]
Sandra León, El País

Yes, the German election has created a problem for euro area reform [27/09/2017]
Jeromin Zettelmeyer, PIIE

A Test for Europe’s German Anchor [26/09/2017]
Daniela Schwarzer, Project Syndicate

The German shake-up: Rocky road ahead for Angela Merkel [26/09/2017]
Thorsten Benner, Al Jazeera

Now The Right in Berlin: The German Elections of 2017 [26/09/2017]
Bharat Wariavwalla, IDSA

The Populist Wave Reaches Germany [26/09/2017]
William A. Galston, The Wall Street Journal

Germany’s Grave New World [26/09/2017]
Joschka Fischer, Project Syndicate

Boring Election, Big Consequences [26/09/2017]
Steven Keil, Peter Sparding, US News

Merkel paga un alto precio por su cuarto mandato [26/09/2017]
Miguel Otero Iglesias, Elcano

“Taking our Fate into our own Hands”: U.S.-German Relations in Merkel’s Fourth Term [25/09/2017]
Jeffrey Rathke, CSIS

German Politics Is Giving Rise to a New Tide of Populism [25/09/2017]
Doug Bandow, National Interest

After the election, Germany’s democracy faces its hardest test since 1949 [25/09/2017]
Constanze Stelzenmüller, Washington Post

Sigue Merkel. Vuelve la política [25/09/2017]
Diego Íñiguez, Estudios de Política Exterior

A Populist Upheaval on the Right [25/09/2017]
Christian Teevs, Spiegel

How Germans Re-Elected Merkel While Boosting Her Opponents [25/09/2017]
Andre Tartar, Cedric Sam, Hayley Warren and Sam Dodge, Bloomberg

Far-Right Gains Set To Alter Germany's Relationship With U.S, E.U. [25/09/2017]
Entrevista a Karen Donfried, NPR

In Germany, the Center Holds [25/09/2017]
Anna Sauerbrey, New York Times

The AfD’s breakthrough shows that parties of the left must get radical [25/09/2017]
Paul Mason, The Guardian

The Twilight of Angela Merkel [25/09/2017]
Roger Cohen, New York Times

A New Germany [25/09/2017]
Stefan Kuzmany, Spiegel

Merkel’s Bittersweet Victory [25/09/2017]
Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

Germany’s Weimar Ghosts [25/09/2017]
Harold James, Project Syndicate

What the stunning success of AfD means for Germany and Europe [24/09/2017]
Cas Mudde, The Guardian

Merkel's Next Steps [24/09/2017]
Sudha David-Wilp, Foreign Affairs

Germany’s election gives the country a reality check  
Anne Applebaum, Washington Post

Eight Lessons from Germany's Elections [24/09/2017]
Sebastian Fischer, Spiegel

How Angela Merkel Has Redefined Leadership [22/09/2017]
Bernd Ulrich, Carnegie Europe

What Russia Has Achieved During the German Election [22/09/2017]
Stefan Meister, Europe’s World

Merkelism vs. Trumpism [22/09/2017]
Jochen Bittner, New York Times

Germany votes: What to look out for on election night [21/09/2017]
Ulrike Esther Franke, ECFR

German election: Not so dull after all [21/09/2017]
Piotr Buras, ECFR

A tarefa difícil de Merkel será negociar uma coligação [21/09/2017]
Patrícia Daehnhardt, Jornal de Negócios

In the Centre of the Centre [21/09/2017]           
Thomas Meaney, London Review of Books

Kremlin narratives on Crimea resurface in German election debate [19/09/2017]
Andreas Umland, ECFR

«L’immobilisme économique ne pourra être une option pour le futur ou la futur(e) chancelier(e)» [19/09/2017]
Dorothea Bohnekamp, Le Monde

What Britain needs to understand about the profound and ancient divisions in Germany [19/09/2017]
James Hawes, New Statesman

Six things to know about the German election [19/09/2017]
Manès Weisskircher, LSE

SPD's Martin Schulz: Angela Merkel has no vision for the future [16/09/2017]
Entrevista a Martin Schulz, DW

Merkel Can't Lead Germany, Much Less the Free World [15/09/2017]    
Alex Berezow, National Interest

Where the Real Battle Is in Germany's Election [13/09/2017]     
Job Janssen, RealClearWorld

The Unfinished Business Awaiting Germany’s Next Leader [11/09/2017]              
Judy Dempsey, Centre for International Governance Innovation

Élections allemandes : le jour d'après [09/09/2017]
Hans Stark, Politique étrangère

Why everyone’s fighting to come third in Germany’s election [09/09/2017]
William Cook, Spectator

L'Allemagne sur la scène internationale. En quête de stabilité dans un monde qui change  [08/09/2017]
Barbara Kunz, Hans Stark & Stephan Martens, IFRI

Comment assurer la paix en Europe? Entretien avec la chancelière fédérale Angela Merkel [08/09/2017]
Barbara Kunz, IFRI

German Elections: After the Debates [07/09/2017]
Timo Lochocki, German Marshall Fund

Will The Upcoming Election Deepen the Division of Germany? [06/09/2017]
David Clarke, Europe’s World

Merkel and Schulz Deliver a Masterclass in Stability [05/09/2017]
Frederick Studemann, Financial Times

Germany's Boring Politics Are a Sign of Rare Strength [04/09/2017]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg

'In Everything I Do, I Aim to Strengthen Democracy' [01/09/2017]
Entrevista a Angela Merkel, Der Spiegel

Germany votes: A lot of quiet before the storm [01/09/2017]
Josef Janning, ECFR

Germany’s ‘Comfort Zone’ Election Could Still Surprise [29/08/2017]
Nikolaus Blome, Financial Times

Europe in the German federal elections: What do the manifestos say? [26/08/2017]
Christel Zunneberg, ECFR

The German Election Season Is Quiet. Too Quiet. [24/08/2017]
Jochen Bittner, New York Times

Three to Tango? [24/08/2017]
Dave Keating, Berlin Policy Journal

Elections to the Bundestag: make or break for the liberal party [23/08/2017]
Artur Ciechanowicz, OSW

The Misery of Germany’s Election Campaign [21/08/2017]
Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

#BTW17: Social Media in the German Parliamentary Elections [17/08/2017]
Ray Serrato, Democracy Reporting International

What The German Elections Mean for Europe [20/07/2017]
Sophia Besch, CER

Entre vieillissement et migrations : la difficile équation allemande [06/2017]
Anne Salles, IFRI

Germany votes: European dilemmas in the Federal Election [30/05/2017]
Almut Möller, Aslı Aydıntaşbaş, Sebastian Dullien & Kadri Liik, ECFR

Germans lose appetite for Greens [30/05/2017]
Janosch Delcker, Politico EU

Germany’s liberal comeback: a safe protest vote [26/05/2017]
Konstantin Richter, Politico EU

Angela’s campaign secret: Be Merkel [22/05/2017]
Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico EU

Merkel Uses Law and Order to Bust the Populists [15/05/2017]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View

A New Yalta and the Revival of Europe [16/05/2017]
Roger Cohen, The New York Times

Germany Is Still Merkel's Country [16/05/2017]
Jacob Heilbrunn, The National Interest

What does the victory of Merkel's CDU in a regional election spell for Germany? [15/05/2017]
Kay-Alexander Scholz, Deutsche Welle

State Election Loss Has Merkel Challenger on the Ropes [15/05/2017]
Florian Gathmann, Der Spiegel

In Germany, more momentum for Merkel [15/05/2017]
Constanze Stelzenmüller, The Washington Post

Martin Schulz: We took a punch but weren’t knocked out [15/05/2017]
Janosch Delcker, Politico EU

Time to risk something new [14/05/2017]
Volker Wagener, Deutsche Welle

The comeback of Angela Merkel [09/05/2017]
Constanze Stelzenmüller, The Washington Post

The Forever Chancellor [09/05/2017]
Cameron Abadi, Foreign Policy

There May Be No Alternative to Merkel, After All [08/05/2017]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View

Merkel’s conservatives win regional German election [07/05/2017]
Janosch Delcker, Politico EU

How Merkel Got Her Groove Back [05/05/2017]
René Pfister, Der Spiegel

How Far to the Right Is Alice Weidel? [04/05/2017]
Melanie Amann, Sven Becker, Der Spiegel

The Spirits She Called [27/04/2017]
Bettina Vestring, Berlin Policy Journal

German Nationalists Double Down on Extremism [24/04/2017]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View

Can Martin Schulz beat Angela Merkel? [20/04/2017]
Christian Odendahl, Centre for European Reform

The Man with the Plan? [11/04/2017]
Derek Scally, Berlin Policy Journal

Germans need to recognize that the future of the free world depends on their election [06/04/2017]
James Kirchick, LA Times

Angela Merkel should step down [02/04/2017]
Stephen Kinzer, The Boston Globe

Alternative für Deutschland : quels risques pour l’Allemagne ? [30/03/2017]
Hans Stark, Institut Français de Relations Internationales

Martin Schulz and Emmanuel Macron could save Europe [26/03/2017]
Wolfgang Münchau, Financial Times

German Voters Reject a Government with Radicals [27/03/2017]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View

Schulz effect faces first major test [25/03/2017]
Janosch Delcker, Politico EU

Merkel and the rise of the right [24/03/2017]
Volker Wagener, Deutche Welle

A Franco-German Defense Deal for Europe [23/03/2017]
Claudia Major, Carnegie Europe

How Martin Schulz Could Beat Angela Merkel [23/03/2017]
Jochen Bittner, The New York Times

3 takeaways from the Schulz coronation [21/03/2017]
Janosch Delcker, Politico EU

Can Martin Schulz beat Angela Merkel? [20/03/2017]
Christian Odendahl, Centre for European Reform

Germany’s Election Is Starting to Get Exciting [04/03/2017]
Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

Meet Martin Schulz, the Europhile populist shaking up Germany’s elections [02/03/2017]
Constanze Stelzenmüller, The Brookings Institution

Close-Up: Martin Schulz [01/03/2017]
Barbara Wesel , Berlin Policy Journal

Meet Martin Schulz, the Europhile populist shaking up Germany’s elections [27/02/2017]
Constanze Stelzenmüller, The Washington Post

January Surprise [25/01/2017]
Derek Scally, Berlin Policy Journal

In campaign debut, Martin Schulz leans left [22/02/2017]
Florian Eder, Politico EU

The Only Thing That Can Beat Merkel Is Anti-Merkel [22/02/2017]
Paul Hockenos, Foreign Policy

Merkel Rival Criticized for Role in Dubious Staff Perks [21/02/2017]
Peter Müller, Christian Reiermann, Der Spiegel

Political consultant: Schulz has fighting chance of winning German election [21/02/2017]
Entrevista a Michael Spreng, EurActiv

Merkel's Conservatives Divided as Campaign Begins [09/02/2017]
Melanie Amann, Christiane Hoffmann, Christoph Schult, Der Spiegel

Germany’s new front-runner: The Schulz [08/02/2017]
Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico EU

'The Trump Approach Will Never Be Our Approach' [08/02/2017]
Entrevista a Martin Schulz, Der Spiegel

Meet the Man Who Will Challenge Merkel [01/02/2017]
Matthias Bartsch, Sven Böll, Markus Feldenkirchen, Valerie Höhne, Horand Knaup, Ralf Neukirch, Der Spiegel

Martin Schulz, the outsider insider [26/01/2017]
Timo Lochocki, Politico EU

How Trump and Putin may actually help Angela Merkel to victory [26/01/2017]
Malte Lehming, The Washington Post

Sigmar Gabriel exits stage left [25/01/2017]
Josef Joffe, Politico EU

Alternative for Germany and the Rise of Right-Wing Populism [17/01/2017]
Marcel Lewandowsky, Sustainable Security

The AfD: Finally a Successful Right-Wing Populist Eurosceptic Party for Germany? [28/01/2015]
Kai Arzheimer, West European Politics


El regalo alemán [04/03/2018]
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Merkel's new deal will reshape the fate of Europe [07/02/2018]

Germany, Democracy and the World: The End of the End of History [23/11/2017]
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La fin sans éclat de l’ère Merkel [22/11/2017]
Le Temps

Ms. Merkel Struggles to Hold Germany Together [22/11/2017]
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Alemania en crisis [22/11/2017]
El País

Reports of the Death of German Stability Are Greatly Exaggerated [21/11/2017]
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Germany’s political crisis: the start of the post-Merkel era? [21/11/2017]
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Angela Merkel confronts a new political landscape [25/09/2017]
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Merkel’s victory is tinged with regret [25/09/2017]
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Merkel wins fourth straight election [25/09/2017]
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The Kremlin creeps into Germany [25/09/2017]
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Merkel’s victory [24/09/2017]
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Allemagne, une campagne électorale trop atone [19/09/2017]
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Slow and steady [17/09/2017]
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Aviso para el SPD [16/05/2017]
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The Guardian view on the German elections: Angela Merkel keeps winning [14/05/2017]
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The Revitalization of Democracy in Germany [16/02/2017]
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Germany Promised ‘Grand Coalition for the Little People’ in Merkel’s Fourth Term [12/03/2018]
Philip Oltermann, The Guardian 

German Social Democrats unveil Cabinet picks for new government [09/03/2018]
Ginger Hervey, Politico               

German President Steinmeier proposes Merkel as chancellor [05/03/2018]

Las bases del SPD aprueban por mayoría repetir la Gran Coalición con Merkel [04/03/2018]
Ana Carbajosa, El País

The beginning of Merkel’s end [26/02/2018]
Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico

Merkel's CDU votes in favour of coalition deal with center-left SPD [26/02/2018]

Angela Merkel Unveils Cabinet Picks [25/02/2018]
Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico

Merkel quells party rebellion ahead of coalition deal vote [26/02/2018]

Merkel gives pivotal job to conservative Catholic, sparking succession talk [19/02/2018]
Andrew Bulkeley, Handelsblatt

As Germany waits, Social Democrats settle scores [15/02/2018]
Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico

Allemagne: Martin Schulz démissionne de la direction du SPD, Olaf Scholz assure l’intérim 16 [14/02/2018]
Thomas Wieder, Le Monde

Schulz, Merkel and How Not to Negotiate a Coalition [12/02/2018]
Der Spiegel

Outrage as east Germany left without a seat in new cabinet [12/02/2018]
Donata Riedel & Barbara Gillmann, Handelsblatt

Andrea Nahles to take over as head of Social Democrats on Tuesday: reports [12/02/2018]
Myfanwy Craigie, Politico           

Angela Merkel defends 'painful' compromises that kept her in power [11/02/2018]
The Guardian

Germany's Angela Merkel says she's still in control, despite coalition concessions to SPD [11/02/2018]

Olaf Scholz: We won’t dictate to other European countries [10/02/2018]
Mark Scott, Politico

A student called Kevin holds the fate of the Merkel coalition [10/02/2018]
Kate Connolly, The Guardian

Schulz gives up German foreign minister role after SPD backlash [09/02/2018]
Financial Times

Angela Merkel last East German standing in new cabinet [09/02/2018]

Après l’accord de coalition en Allemagne, les Européens impatients de négocier [08/02/2018]
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Wolfgang Schäuble successor to be SPD heavyweight Olaf Scholz [07/02/2018]
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German coalition talks drag on [07/02/2018]
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Parties Aim to Wrap Up German Coalition Talks by Next Weekend [25/01/2018]
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Merkel's Troubles May Spell Trouble for All of Europe [22/11/2017]
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Diccionario de la crisis política alemana [22/11/2017]
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Germany's president to urge Green and FDP leaders to restart talks[21/11/2017]
Philip Oltermann, The Guardian

Merkel hints fresh elections preferable to minority government as talks fail[20/11/2017]
Philip Oltermann and Dan Roberts, The Guardian

Europe Faces a Hamstrung Germany After Merkel’s Coalition Bid Fails[20/11/2017]
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German election: Preliminary coalition talks collapse after FDP walks out  [19/11/2017]

Coalition Talks Go Into Overtime [17/11/2017]
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Germany's Social Democrats plan overhaul after election loss [06/11/2017]
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German Coalition Talks Deal Early Blow to Macron on Europe [25/10/2017]
Noah Barkin & Andreas Rinke, Reuters

German Parliament Makes Schaeuble Speaker, AfD Takes Seats [24/10/2017]
Geir Moulson, Associated Press

Weakened Merkel Warns of Compromise as Talks on Coalition Start [18/10/2017]
Madeline Chambers, Reuters

Merkel Moves Left to Disarm the Right [18/10/2017]
Melanie Amann, Tobias Hausdorf, Ralf Neukirch and Cornelia Schmergal, Der Spiegel

Germany's Angela Merkel Agrees to Limits on Accepting Refugees [10/10/2017]
Melissa Eddy, New York Times

How a populist revolt shook rich, conservative Bavaria [10/10/2017]
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German conservatives, liberals call for compromise on migration [06/10/2017]
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Meet the Lesbian Goldman Sachs Economist Who Just Led Germany’s Far Right to Victory [24/09/2017]
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Refugees in Germany can’t vote. But their future is at stake in the upcoming election  [18/09/2017]
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Polls suggest jump in German far-right party's support [18/09/2017]
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Fake news busters [14/09/2017]
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Germany Prepares for Possible Russian Election Meddling [07/09/2017]
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'Send Merkel Home' Says Far-Right Opposition During Divisive German Campaign [02/09/2017]

Germans on the Eve of the Election: 'I've Never Seen So Much Hate' [01/09/2017]
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State Election Loss Spells Trouble for Schulz Candidacy [08/05/2017]
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En Allemagne, le parti d’extrême droite AfD désigne deux dirigeants pour les législatives [23/04/2017]
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German Campaign Turning into a Debate Over Europe [10/04/2017]
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German SPD considers liberal-Green coalition [31/03/2017]
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Germany's 'Schulz effect' fails to deliver in first election test [27/03/2017]

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