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Independência do Curdistão 
14 | Março | 2018

Após a vitória do “Sim” no referendo de 25 de Setembro sobre a independência do Curdistão iraquiano, intensificou-se a tensão nas relações entre Bagdad e Erbil. A 16 de Outubro, o governo federal iraquiano lançou uma operação militar para restaurar a soberania na região, recuperando assim Kirkuk e os campos de petróleo que já tinha perdido para o Estado Islâmico, em Junho de 2014. 



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Opiniões & Análises
How the Kurdistan Region of Iraq Confronts Challenges in 2018 [14/03/2018]
Seth J. Frantzman, National Interest

Turkey and the KRG After the Referendum: Blocking the Path to Independence [22/11/2017]
Mehmet Uyanik, CSIS

The Turbulent History Shaping Iran’s Opposition to an Independent Iraqi Kurdistan [14/11/2017]
Mohsen Milani, World Politics Review

How the US did Iran a favour in the Middle East [14/11/2017]
Arzu Yilmaz, Al Jazeera

Who will govern Kirkuk? [14/11/2017]
Nahwi Saeed, Al Monitor

Was Israel Wrong to Support Kurdish Independence? [13/11/2017]
Ari Heistein, Jerusalem Post

Is Massoud Barzani stepping down or stepping up? [11/11/2017]
Megan Connelly, The Daily Star

Iran’s Role in the Kirkuk Operation in Iraq [08/11/2017]
Jennifer Cafarella with Omer Kassim, ISW

The Price Of Selling Out The Kurds [08/11/2017]
Dennis Ross, New York Daily News

Can Kurds Coexist with Arabs in Iraq? [07/11/2017]
Biner Aziz, Fikra Forum

Dark Victory in Raqqa [06/11/2017]
Luke Mogelson, The New Yorker

Dropping the ball in Kirkuk [03/11/2017]
Dror Michman and Yael Mizrahi-Arnaud, Brookings Institution

The U.S. and Kurdistan: Revise and rebuild after Kirkuk [03/11/2017]
Ranj Alaaldin, Brookings Institution

Masoud Barzani and the roots of Kurdish distrust of the United States [02/11/2017]
Bruce Riedel, Brookings Institution

Kurdish referendum fallout threatens Western interests in the Middle East [01/11/2017]
Guney Yildiz, ECFR

Iraqi Kurdistan Was Never Ready for Statehood [31/10/2017]
Denise Natali, Foreign Policy

Kurdish crisis could benefit Iran-Turkey-Russia energy deal [30/10/2017]
Olgu Okumuş, Al Monitor

What next for Iraq after the failed Kurdish referendum?[29/10/2017]
Zaid al-Ali, Al Jazeera

Why did Erdogan sacrifice Kurdish vote?[29/10/2017]
Pinar Tremblay, Al Monitor

Turkey’s Newfound Alliance with Iraq Won’t Hold [27/10/2017]
Gönül Tol, The Middle East Institute

The West’s shameful silence on Kurdish statehood [27/10/2017]
Shlomo Avineri, Euronews

Overplaying Their Hand: The Kurds’ Referendum Debacle [27/10/2017]
Melik Kaylan, World Affairs

Kurds aren’t always the good guys [26/10/2017]
Rodger Shanahan, The Interpreter

Did Mas‘oud Barzani Overplay His Hand by Organizing a Kurdish Referendum? [26/10/2017]
Michael Young, Carnegie Middle East Center

The Kurdish referendum backfired badly. Here’s why. [25/10/2017]
Renad Mansour, Washington Post

Kurds a long way from independence [25/10/2017]
Nicholas Stuart, Sidney Morning Herald

We Need a Strategy for the Middle East [24/10/2017]
John McCain, New York Times

Barzani’s independence gamble has failed. Now Baghdad has the upper hand [24/10/2017]
Faisal Al Yafai, The National

Turkey quietly concerned with Russia’s Kurdish policy [24/10/2017]
Semih Idiz, Al Monitor

Iraq, the Kurds and me: What went wrong in Kirkuk? [23/10/2017]
Steven A. Cook, Salon

Must The War Go On? Let’s Talk about Iraq and The Kurds [23/10/2017]
Rasha Al Aqeedi, Denise Natali, Douglas A. Ollivant and Ryan Evans, War on the Rocks

Baghdad Regains Control of Kirkuk: Strategic Implications [23/10/2017]
Eldad Shavit, Gallia Lindenstrauss, INSS

In Kurdistan we need change, not theatrics [23/10/2017]
Srwa Abdulwahid, Al Jazeera

The Kurds: Seeking Their Yorktown [22/10/2017]
Jonathan Dworkin, Small Wars Journal

The U.S. Must Mediate Between Baghdad, Kurds [20/10/2017]
Michael Knights, The Cipher Brief

Kurds in Iraq: Back to square one?[20/10/2017]
Cengiz Çandar, Al Monitor

The Clash Over Kirkuk: Why the Real Crisis Is in Baghdad—Not Erbil[20/10/2017]
Ranj Alaaldin, Foreign Affairs

Past the Crossroads [20/10/2017]
Yezid Sayigh, Carnegie Middle East Center

As Kirkuk's Governor Is Forced to Flee, Iran Moves In [19/10/2017]
Eli Lake, Bloomberg

If Barzani is the absolute loser, who is the winner? [19/10/2017]
Melih Altınok, Daily Sabah

“Phil-Kurdism” Like Philhellenism? The Role and Impact of the Western Volunteers Alongside Kurds [18/10/2017]
Spyridon Plakoudas, Small Wars Journal

Iraq's Shiite Militias Are Just Getting Started [18/10/2017]
Anchal Vohra, Foreign Policy

Kurdish dream of statehood sunk by rows and reckless decisions [18/10/2017]
Alex MacDonald, Middle East Eye

Oil and Borders: How to Fix Iraq’s Kurdish Crisis[17/10/2017]
International Crisis Group

Can the United States Broker Peace Between Iraq and the Kurds? [17/10/2017]
Max Boot, Council on Foreign Relations

«Le Kurdistan irakien a besoin de grands amis, pas de grands propagandistes» [17/10/2017]
Mariwan Kanie et Aras Fatah, Le Monde

The Global Consensus Against the Iraqi Kurds [17/10/2017]
Kamran Bokhari, Geopolitical Futures

Is the Dream Of Kurdish Independence Now Over? [17/10/2017]
Jamie Dettmer, VOA News

Iraq's reconquest of Kirkuk checks Kurdish secession [17/10/2017]
Tallha Abdulrazaq, Al Jazeera

How to resolve the Kirkuk crisis [17/10/2017]
Ibrahim Al-Marashi, Middle East Eye

Iraq, the Kurds, and the mess America has made [17/10/2017]
Anthony Ricketts, The Interpreter

Iraqi-Kurdish Clash in Kirkuk Opens Door to More Iranian Influence [16/10/2017]
Robbie Gramer & Paul McLeary, Foreign Policy

The Kurdish Challenge to U.S. Strategy in Iraq [16/10/2017]
Zmkan A. Saleem, Fikra Forum

Iran's Hand and Iraq's Kirkuk Offensive [16/10/2017]
Seth Frantzman, National Interest

Keep Dreaming, Kurdistan [16/10/2017]
Dexter Filkins, New Yorker

A Kurdish State Is Inevitable [14/10/2017]
Mohammad Amjad Hossain, Jerusalem Post

Turkey, Iran Could Unite to Overcome Their Kurdish Worries [10/10/2017]
Metin Gurcan, Al-Monitor

Iran Flexes Its Muscles After the Kurdish Referendum [10/10/2017]
Farzin Nadimi, Washington institute

Kurdistan Deserves U.S. Support. Here Is Why [10/10/2017]
Francis Rooney, RealClearWorld

The Kurds Confront a New ‘Gang of Four’  [09/10/2017]
Bernard-Henri Lévy, The Wall Street Journal

‘A 6-month long winter’ for Kurdistan Regional Government [09/10/2017]
Hediye Levent, Evrensel

Is the world ready for “Kurdexit”? Referendum among Iraqi Kurds has Middle East on edge[09/10/2017]
Steven A. Cook, Salon

Why is Israel supporting Kurdish secession from Iraq? [07/10/2017]
Lamis Andoni, Al Jazeera

Most Kurds in Iraq support independence. So why did some voters stay home during last week’s referendum? [07/10/2017]
Nicole F. Watts, Washington Post

Jalal Talabani's Enduring Struggle [06/10/2017]
Peter Galbraith, New York Times

Underground in Raqqa[06/10/2017]
Patrick Cockburn, London Review of Books

Unraveling the Oil Geopolitics Intertwined in the Kurdish Independence Referendum [04/10/2017]
Amy Myers Jaffe, Council on Foreign Relations

The Trump Administration Just Stabbed the Kurds in the Front [04/10/2017]
Michael Totten, World Affairs Journal

Contentious borders: Iraqi Kurdistan after the independence referendum [03/10/2017]
Johannes Jüde, International Affairs

Will there be a Kurdish state? [03/10/2017]
Andrés Ortega, Elcano

Turkey and the Iraqi Kurds’ Bid for Statehood [03/10/2017]
Galip Dalay, German Marshall Fund

Turkish Bluster Hides Shaky Leverage Over KRG  [03/10/2017]
Amberin Zaman, Al-Monitor

Don't Support Illegal Kurdish Separation in Iraq [03/10/2017]
Meir Masri, Haaretz

Erbil and Ankara before and after the referendum [02/10/2017]
Hemin Lihony, Rudow

How Did the Kurds Get Washington So Wrong? [02/10/2017]
Michael Rubin, AEI

Why Tehran Should Balance Its Relations with Baghdad and Irbil [02/10/2017]
Shireen Hunter, Lobe Log

Kurds, Their Neighbors, and Prospects for Independence [02/10/2017]

Back Off on the Kurds [29/09/2017]
Eli Lake, Bloomberg

The Urgent U.S. Role in Post-Referendum Kurdistan [29/09/2017]
Michael Knights, Washington Institute

The Turn of the Kurds [29/09/2017]
Richard N. Haass, Project Syndicate

Iraqi Kurdistan’s Unlikely Ally  [29/09/2017]
Kamran Bokhari, Geopolitical Futures

« Laisserons-nous aujourd’hui le Kurdistan s’asphyxier ? » [29/09/2017]
Akil Marceau, Le Monde

Why the Trump Administration Should Support an Independent Kurdistan [28/09/2017]
Lee Smith, Weekly Standard

The U.S. owes it to the Kurds to help de-escalate tensions after the independence referendum [28/09/2017]
David Ignatius, Washington Post

Kurds Voted. So Is the Middle East Breaking Up? [27/09/2017]
Robin Wright, New Yorker

After the Referendum: Negotiation Is Still Possible [27/09/2017]
Harith Hasan Al-Qarawee, Atlantic Council

The looming backlash against Kurds [27/09/2017]
Fawaz Turki, Gulf News

The Kurds of Iraq have been loyal allies. The west must repay its debt [27/09/2017]
Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

How to Defuse the Iraqi Kurdish Crisis [27/09/2017]
Sajad Jiyad, The New York Times

Will KRG referendum pave way for new oil war? [26/09/2017]
Merve Şebnem Oruç, Daily Sabah

Is Kurdish Independence from Iraq Impossible? Or Inevitable? [26/09/2017]
Ellen Laipson, World Politics Review

Iran and the Kurds: What the Referendum Means for Tehran[26/09/2017]
Ariane M. Tabatabai, Foreign Affairs

The Economic Case Against an Independent Kurdistan [26/09/2017]
Alex Dziadosz, The Atlantic

Iraqi Kurds: A Referendum Which May Make History [25/09/2017]
Michael Stephens, RUSI

Iranian Leaders Concerned over Kurdish Referendum [25/09/2017]
Michael Rubin, Washington Examiner

Kurdish referendum and MHP leader’s statement of ‘casus belli…’ [25/09/2017]
Yusuf Kanli, Hurriyet Daily News

Trump Should Bet on Kurdish Independence [24/09/2017]
Ron Prosor, New York Times

What do the Kurds expect from the international community?[24/09/2017]
Zana Kurda, Rudaw

Iraqi Kurdish referendum: Let the tempest pass  [23/09/2017]
Ruth Citrin, ECFR

Kexit: How Kurdish Independence Could Reshape the Middle East [22/09/2017]
Matthew RJ Brodsky, National Interest

Regional implications of the Kurdish independence vote [19/09/2017]
Ranj Alaaldin, Al Jazeera

Iraq's Kurds have earned their right to independence [13/09/2017]
Eli Lake, Khaleej Times

Is the World Ready for “Kurdexit”? Referendum Among Iraqi Kurds Has Middle East on Edge [11/09/2017]
Steven A. Cook, CFR

Kurdistan Independence: One Day in September Could Wreak Havoc in the Middle East [28/08/2017]
Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz

La disyuntiva kurda en la Turquía de Erdogan [04/2016]
Mehmet Gurses y David Romano, Estudios de Política Exterior

The Future of Kurdistan: Between Turkey, the Iraq War, and the Syrian Revolt [08/2012]
Jacques Neriah, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs


Barzani's resignation is more like a recalibration [30/10/2017]
The National

The ceasefire agreement between Baghdad and Erbil must not go to waste [28/10/2017]
The National

The battle of Kirkuk as a lesson on ‘self determination’ [16/10/2017]
CS Monitor

A New War in Iraq, Now Between Shia Arabs and Kurds [16/10/2017]
The Economist

Iraq’s Kurds need to put democracy before independence [06/10/2017]
Washington Post

While grievances of Iraqi Kurds are genuine, timing of the referendum is questionable [06/10/2017]

Iraq's Kurds Deserve Independence. Just Not Yet. [04/10/2017]

Putin Boxed in by Iran, Turkey on Iraqi Kurdish Referendum [01/10/2017]

Use diplomacy to avert conflict over Kurdistan [01/10/2017]
Financial Times

The Kurdish referendum [01/10/2017]

The Kurdish referendum was an unnecessary act of provocation, but a shooting war will only make matters worse [30/09/2017]
The National

Kurdistan’s Dangerous Vote on Independence[26/09/2017]
New York Times

Iraqi Kurds stand to lose everything in independence referendum [24/09/2017]
Daily Sabah

Kurdes : du bon usage du référendum sur l’indépendance[23/09/2017]
Le Monde

A fair question [22/09/2017]
The Guardian

The Kurds’ Catalonian Turn [22/09/2017]
Wall Street Journal

The Kurdish vote — on proposed independence referendum [20/09/2017]
The Hindu

A Kurdish referendum on independence risks backfiring [15/09/2017]
The Economist

Kurds’ Risky Dream of Independence [22/08/2017]
New York Times

Kurdish Referendum [12/06/2017]
Jerusalem Post


Kurds ask higher authority to end crisis with Baghdad [12/03/2018]
Mustafa Saadoun, Al Monitor

Iraq’s Kurdistan Says to Respect Court Decision Banning Secession [14/11/2017]
Raya Jalabi, Reuters

Changing of the Guard Resets Cycle of Retribution in Iraq [12/11/2017]
Isabel Coles and Ali Nabhan, Wall Street Journal

Congress abandons constraints on Kurdish aid [10/11/2017]
Bryant Harris, Al Monitor

President Barzani: There was a plan to destabilize Kurdistan [29/10/2017]

Barzani resignation stokes tensions among Kurdish factions [29/10/2017]
Erika Solomon, Financial Times

US calls for dialogue in Iraqi-Kurdish dispute [27/10/2017]
Al Jazeera

Abadi, Erdogan Meet to Form Kurdistan Game Plan [27/10/2017]
Amberin Zaman, Al Monitor

Iraq Orders Truce With Kurds to Allow Peaceful Deployment at Border Crossings [27/10/2017]
Maher Chmaytelli, Reuters

Peshmerga retreat amid international efforts to defuse tensions [27/10/2017]
Al Arabiya 

KRG offers to freeze outcome of independence referendum to begin dialogue [25/10/2017]

Turkey quietly concerned with Russia’s Kurdish policy  [25/10/2017]
Semih Idiz, Al Monitor

Iraqi Kurds forced from Tuz Khurmata in tens of thousands: Aid groups [25/10/2017]
Middle East Eye

Netanyahu: world should take care of Kurds' future [24/10/2017]
Daily Mail

Iraq paramilitaries battle Kurds in push towards Turkish border oil hub [24/10/2017]
Maher Chmaytelli, Reuters

Iraq's Christians ponder future in wake of Kurdish independence vote [24/10/2017]
Omar Sattar, Al Monitor

Iraq’s Kurd region postpones planned polls by 8 months [24/10/2017]

Iraq’s Kurdistan Region Delays Elections [23/10/2017]

Gorran says Barzani should resign after Kurdish vote [23/10/2017]
Al Jazeera

What Iraq’s Recent Moves Against Kurds Mean for Israel and Region [23/10/2017]
Seth J. Frantzman, Jerusalem Post

Kurds accuse Baghdad of troop build-up on region border [23/10/2017]
Al Jazeera

Iraqi Forces Overpower Kurds, but Public Relations Battle Rages [22/10/2017]
David Zucchino, New York Times

Netanyahu lobbies world powers to stem Iraqi Kurd setbacks [20/10/2017]
Dan Williams, Reuters

Moscow seeks to boost its influence in Kurdistan through oil [20/10/2017]
Dmitry Zhdannikov and Vladimir Soldatkin, Middle East Online

Iraq army takes last Kurd-held area of Kirkuk province [20/10/2017]
Middle East Online

Turkey welcomes 'close cooperation' with Iran against KRG: Prime minister [19/10/2017]
Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey warned Barzani of Sept 25 referendum consequences, Erdoğan says [19/10/2017]
Serdar Karagöz, Daily Sabah

Les forces kurdes poursuivent leur retrait des territoires disputés avec Bagdad  [19/10/2017]
Allan Kaval, Le Monde

Iraq’s Kurdish regional government open to Baghdad talks [19/10/2017]
Middle East Online

Iraqi Forces Retake All Oil Fields in Disputed Areas as Kurds Retreat  [17/10/2017]
David Zucchino, The New York Times

El choque entre Bagdad y los kurdos en Kirkuk, un dilema para Estados Unidos [17/10/2017]
La Vanguardia

Scenes from a Failed Secession [17/10/2017]
Campbell Macdiarmid, Foreign Policy

Barzani rebuffs resignation calls as he blames rivals for Kirkuk loss [17/10/2017]
Middle East Eye

Iraqi Forces Take Back Sinjar in Latest Effort to Roll Back Kurdish Gains of the Past Years [17/10/2017]
Loveday Morris & Aaso Ameen Shwan, The Washington Post

Iraqi Forces Sweep into Kirkuk, Checking Kurdish Independence Drive [17/10/2017]
David Zucchino, New York Times

Pentagon Says Support for Iraqi Forces Could End If Attacks on Kurds Continue [16/10/2017]
Joe Gould, Defense News

U.S. Seeks to Stay Neutral in Iraq Conflict [16/10/2017]
Ben Kesling, Nancy A. Youssef and Paul Sonne, Wall Street Journal

Peshmerga: Baghdad to pay heavy price for declaring war [16/10/2017]
Al Jazeera

Peshmerga Command: Iraqi Military Attack on Kirkuk is ‘Declaration of War’ [16/10/2017]

Iran Behind Kurdish Withdrawal from Kirkuk  [16/10/2017]
Dexter Filkins, New Yorker

Last-Minute Talks Calm Iraqi, Kurdish Troops Facing Off Over Kirkuk [13/10/2017]
Rhys Dubin, Foreign Policy

Kurds on high alert as Iraqi forces mass near Kirkuk [13/10/2017]
Al Jazeera

Thousands of Kurdish troops sent to Kirkuk to face 'Iraqi threat' [13/10/2017]
Campbell MacDiarmid, Telegraph

Kurdish secession tops Erdogan's agenda in Iran visit [05/10/2017]
Ted Regencia, Al Jazeera

Iraq says it will stop dollar sales, foreign currency transfers to Kurdistan [04/10/2017]
Financial Times

Iraqi Kurds mourn death of leader Talabani, symbol of unity [04/10/2017]
Susannah George, Washington Post

After Threat of War, Iraq and Kurds Lower the Temperature [03/10/2017]
Rod Nordland and David Zucchino, New York Times

Iraq's Kurdistan region plans presidential, parliamentary votes on Nov. 1 [03/10/2017]

Iraqi parliament to strip Kurdish MPs of immunity, putting them on trial [03/10/2017]

Political Leadership of Kurdistan - Iraq replaces High Referendum Council [02/10/2017]

Kurdish Disappointment at Europe's Response [01/10/2017]
David Patrikarakos, Politico

Post-Referendum: Kurds in Iran Demand Rights as Regime Cracks Down [30/09/2017]
Seth J. Frantzman, Jerusalem Post

What Next for Kurdistan? [29/09/2017]
The Economist

Iraqi forces to take control of Kurdish regional borders[29/09/2017]
Susannah George and Qassim Abdul-Zahra, Washington Post

US: Iraq Kurdish referendum distracting from mission to defeat ISIS [28/09/2017]
Corey Dickstein, Stars and Stripes

More than 92% of voters in Iraqi Kurdistan back independence [28/09/2017]
The Guardian

Iraq Escalates Dispute With Kurds, Threatening Military Action [27/09/2017]
David Zucchino & Margaret Coker, The New York Times

Iraq Warns Kurds as They Claim Victory in Independence Vote [27/09/2017]
Times of Israel

Iraqi Kurds decisively back independence in referendum [27/09/2017]

Iranian Kurds march in support of referendum [26/09/2017]
Gulf News

Damascus says Syrian Kurdish autonomy negotiable: report [26/09/2017]

In Iraq, Minorities Pin Hopes on a Kurdish State [26/09/2017]
Judit Neurink, Deutsche Welle

Turkey's Erdogan Says Israel's Support for Kurdish Statehood Harms Relations [26/09/2017]
Fatih Hafiz Mehmet, Anadolu

Baghdad piles pressure on Iraqi Kurds to reverse independence vote [26/09/2017]
Maher Chmaytelli and Ahmed Rasheed, Reuters

As Kurds Celebrate Independence Vote, Neighbors Threaten Military Action [25/09/2017]
David Zucchino, New York Times

Kurds Vote, as Turks and Iranians Prepare for War [25/09/2017]
Paul Mcleary, Foreign Policy

Claiming independence now would squander any potential that Kurdistan holds [25/09/2017]
Norman Blythe, Telegraph

Iraqi Kurds vote in controversial referendum [25/09/2017]
Al Jazeera

Fearful neighbours look on as Iraq’s Kurds stake claim to nationhood [23/09/2017]
Martin Chulov and Paul Johnson, The Guardian

Curfew imposed in Iraqi city before Kurdish independence vote [19/09/2017]
The Guardian

Israeli Minister: Independent Kurdistan Would Benefit Israel and the West [11/09/2017]


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