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Eleições presidenciais no Quénia
20 | Março | 2018

A repetição das eleições presidenciais no Quénia decorreu a 26 de Outubro após a reeleição de Uhuru Kenyatta, a 8 de Agosto, ter sido anulada por irregularidades. O líder da oposição, Raila Odinga, que se retirou do escrutínio e apelou ao boicote eleitoral, contestou os resultados que deram a reeleição do Presidente Kenyatta com 98,26% dos votos, mas acabaram por ser validados pelo Supremo Tribunal.

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Raila Odinga's next steps: The full statement [31/10/2017]
Raila Odinga, Daily Nation

Elections in Kenya: 2017 Rerun Presidential Elections  [25/10/2017]


Opiniões & Análises
US intervention in Kenya? No thanks. [06/03/2018]
Macharia Kamau, African Arguments

How and why the US should intervene in Kenya [27/02/2018]
Mark Bellamy & Johnnie Carson, African Arguments

National Accord: 10 years on, we face a new political crisis [24/02/2018]
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Is Kenya Sliding Toward Dictatorship? [16/02/2018]
Karen Rothmyer, The Nation

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Matt Carotenuto, RealClearWorld

Kenya Enters Dangerous Territory [07/02/2018]
John Campbell, CFR

Kenya Is Sliding Into a Dictatorship [07/02/2018]
Larry Madowo, The Washington Post

A Shadow Inauguration Shows Kenya Is Still Not Over Last Year’s Contested Vote [02/02/2018]
Robbie Corey-Boulet, World Politics Review

Kenyatta Government Declares Odinga's NRM "Criminal" [31/01/2018]
John Campbell, Council on Foreign Relations

Raila Odinga Sworn in as Kenya’s “People’s President” [30/01/2018]
John Campbell, Council on Foreign Relations

The ethnification of electoral conflicts in Kenya [07/12/2017]
Muema Wambua, ACCORD

What can Kenya expect from Kenyatta's second term? [29/11/2017]
Nanjala Nyabola, Al Jazeera

Au Kenya, la réélection d’Uhuru Kenyatta est un fiasco démocratique [28/11/2017]
Bruno Meyerfeld, Le Monde

As Kenya Struggles to Recover from a Tumultuous Election, America Must Stand by Its Side [21/11/2017]
John Tomaszewski & Daniel Twining, Foreign Policy

Apex court’s decision will have implications for its legitimacy [18/11/2017]
George Kegoro, Daily Nation

It’s time for international election monitors to start doing their job [15/11/2017]
Nic Cheeseman, Todd Moss and Jeffrey Smith, Washington Post

Why Kenya's Supreme Court Can't Solve the Country's Electoral Crisis [15/11/2017]
Nic Cheeseman, Gabrielle Lynch, and Justin Willis, Foreign Affairs

The Future of Kenya's Democracy Is Hanging in the Balance [14/11/2017]
Neha Wadekar, The Atlantic

Overcoming Kenya's political crisis and advancing Democracy, Rule of Law and Stability [09/11/2017]
Raila Odinga, The Center for Strategic and International Studies

Kenyatta’s Second Victory and the Future of Democracy in Kenya [08/11/2017]
Sheila Kinya Gitonga, Global Observatory

Why it'll be hard to annul presidential poll in Kenya [03/11/2017]
Samwel Owino, Daily Nation

Credible poll drives economic growth [31/10/2017]
Boni Wanjau, Daily Nation

Uhuru victory does not look good for long-term stability [31/10/2017]
Macharia Gaitho, Daily Nation

After Re-Do Elections, Dangers Still Lurk in Kenya [29/10/2017]
Patrick Gathara, The Washington Post

Election has eroded credibility and legitimacy of leadership [29/10/2017]
Rasna Warah, Daily Nation

Strong man redux: Kenya’s fresh election is preposterously flawed [28/10/2017]
The Economist

Kenyans’ support for democracy and rule of law offers hope despite electoral upheaval [27/10/2017]
Winnie V. Mitullah and Abel Oyuke, Washington Post

Low Turnout, Protests, and No End in Sight for Kenyan Election Crisis [27/10/2017]
John Campbell, CFR

What came out of Kenya's election rerun? [27/10/2017]
Nanjala Nyabola, Al Jazeera

How Kenya’s Election Went from Fraud to Hope to Sham [27/10/2017]
Maina Kiai, New York Times

Kenya grapples with domestic and foreign security threats [26/10/2017]
Irene Ndung’u, ISS

Kenya Is Barreling Toward an ‘Illegal’ Election [25/10/2017]
Ty Mccormick, Foreign Policy

Kenya Braces for a Disaster of an Election [23/10/2017]
Nanjala Nyabola, Foreign Policy

Election or no election, the country is more polarised than ever before [21/10/2017]
Karuti Kanyinga, Daily Nation

An election is no panacea for Kenya’s stability [18/10/2017]
Duncan E Omondi Gumba, ISS

Kenya's Crisis Enters a Crucial Stage [12/10/2017]
Julian Hattem, World Politics Review

Why did Raila Odinga withdraw from the election rerun? [12/10/2017]
Nanjala Nyabola, Al Jazeera

El imperio de la ley avanza en África [14/09/2017]
Emilio Menéndez Del Valle, El País

Kenya: Presidential elections and the rule of law [06/09/2017]
John Mukum Mbaku, Brookings Institution

Can Kenya pull off a second election within 60 days? [05/09/2017]
Nanjira Sambuli, Al Jazeera

Why did Kenya's Supreme Court annul the elections? [02/09/2017]
Nanjala Nyabola, Al Jazeera

Kenya: The Election & the Cover-Up [30/08/2017]
Helen Epstein, New York Review of Books

Foresight Africa 2017: Election spotlight on Kenya [30/01/2017]
John Mukum Mbaku, Brookings Institution


Country crying out for peace and unity [20/11/2017]
Daily Nation

Leaders must heed reconciliation plea [05/11/2017]
Daily Nation

It’s the time to push for reconciliation [31/10/2017]
Daily Nation

Happenings in Kenya deserve critical analysis [29/10/2017]
Zambian Observer

Kenya’s election rerun could be a major setback for African democracy [23/10/2017]
Washington Post


Cambridge Analytica Had a Role in Kenya Election, Too [20/03/2018]
Jina Moore, New York Times

Victims of Political Violence Want More Than Handshake from Kenyan Leaders [14/03/2018]
Jina Moore, The New York Times

Kenyan Opposition Suspends ‘People’s Assembly’ After Rivals Meet [12/03/2018]

Kenya's Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga pledge reconciliation [09/03/2018]

High Court orders Miguna Miguna's return from Canada [26/02/2018]
Daily Nations

Kenya Court Rules Deportation of Key Opposition Figure Illegal [15/02/2018]
Mohammed Yusuf, VOA

Au Kenya, le face-à-face se poursuit entre le président et son principal rival [08/02/2018]
Laure Broulard, La Croix

Kenya’s About-Face: Fear for Democracy as Dissent Is Muzzled [04/02/2018]
Jima Moore, The New York Times

As Kenyatta is Inaugurated, Kenyans Are Feeling Economic Pain [28/11/2017]
Jina Moore, New York Times

Kenyatta sworn in as Kenya’s president as opposition rally is hit by tear gas [28/11/2017]
Rael Ombuor, Washington Post

Le président kényan, Uhuru Kenyatta, investi pour un second mandat [28/11/2017]
Le Monde

Uhuru Kenyatta says he will lead Kenya's healing after poll [21/11/2017]
Daily Nation

Au Kenya, un fragile « retour à la normale » [20/11/2017]
Marion Douet, Le Monde 

Kenyan Court Backs President's Vote Win, Ending Uncertainty [20/11/2017]
Felix Njini  and Samuel Gebre, Bloomberg

Raila Odinga mourns supporters who died during his return from US [19/11/2017]
Waweru Titus, Standard Media

Kenya court to rule on presidential election cases on Monday [16/11/2017]

Kenyan Opposition Shuns Courts, Vows Protests Demanding New Vote [31/10/2017]

Uhuru Kenyatta: Re-elected, but at what cost? [31/10/2017]
Daily Nation

Présidentielle au Kenya : et maintenant, quelle stratégie pour Raila Odinga? [31/10/2017]
Jeune Afrique

How IEBC tried to avoid another Supreme Court shock [31/10/2017]
Daily Nation

Kenya president: dialogue with opposition must wait until court cases done [30/10/2017]

Présidentielle au Kenya : 98,2 % des voix pour Uhuru [30/10/2017]
Le Point

Kenya president scores massive win in election rerun that most boycotted [30/10/2017]
Kevin Sieff, Washington Post

Kenya's opposition leader calls for another election after boycott of repeat polls [30/10/2017]
Ismail Akwei, Africa News

Kenya's repeat presidential poll was free, fair: commission [30/10/2017]

Kenyans fear more unrest after vote suspended in opposition areas [29/10/2017]
Mohammed Adow, Al Jazeera

Kenya's IEBC calls off postponed election in four protesting counties [28/10/2017]
Africa News

In Kenya, polarizing election re-run rekindles ethnic tensions  [28/10/2017]
Maggie Fick, Reuters

Violence Flares and Tensions Rise After Kenya Presidential Vote [28/10/2017]
Jina Moore, New York Times

Kenya : à Bondo, avec les irréductibles du « président » Odinga [28/10/2017]
Marion Douet, Le Monde

Kenya election: government accused of 'genocide' against ethnic minorities [27/10/2017]
Jason Burke, The Guardian

Kenya election: Turnout under 34% amid opposition boycott  [27/10/2017]

Kenya elections: police and opposition supporters clash[26/10/2017]
The Guardian

Legitimacy of Kenya re-run unclear [26/10/2017]
Alastair Leithead, BBC News

Low Turnout in Kenya’s Do-Over Election Raises Concerns [26/10/2017]
Jina Moore, The New York Times

Meet the 7 candidates in Kenya’s presidential election rerun [26/10/2017]
African Liberty

On the eve of reelection day, Kenya's courts thrust into limelight [25/10/2017]
Mark Oloo & Ryan Lenora Brown, CS Monitor

Raila Odinga calls for civil resistance on eve of rerun of Kenyan election[25/10/2017]
The Guardian

Kenya needs healing after disputed poll [25/10/2017]

Kenya Election Rerun to Go Ahead After Court Fails to Rule on Delay[25/10/2017]
Jason Burke, The Guardian

Kenya Police Disperse Demonstrators as Odinga Tempers Poll Protest Call[24/10/2017]
Katharine Houreld, Reuters

Kenyan police say 4 people killed during opposition demonstrations in past two weeks  [20/10/2017]

5 key questions on Kenya's repeat presidential election[19/10/2017]
Daily Nation

Kenya Election Commissioner Resigns, Flees Just Days Before the Election, Says Vote Cannot Be Fair[18/10/2017]
Rael Ombuor, The Washington Post

Comprendre la grave crise politique qui secoue le Kenya[18/10/2017]
Le Monde

Kenya political crisis deepens in run-up to election[18/10/2017]
Al Jazeera

Présidentielle kényane : la crise politique s’enkyste et la tension monte[17/10/2017]
Marion Douet Le Monde

Kenya’s president signs controversial electoral reform bill limiting power of Supreme Court to overturn election results [14/10/2017]
African Liberty

Kenyan presidential vote re-run hurting economy[13/10/2017]
Catherine Soi, Al Jazeera

Kenya bans protests from city centres amid election standoff[12/10/2017]
Irish Times

Presidential election will go on, Kenya's Supreme Court rules[11/10/2017]
Ed Adamczyk, UPI

Kenya Election Thrown Into Turmoil as Top Opposition Candidate Withdraws[11/10/2017]
Rael Ombuor & Paul Schemm, The Washington Post

Electoral Tensions Climb in Kenya with Fresh Opposition Protests [09/10/2017]
Zambian Observer

Kenya's presidential elections moved to October 26 [21/09/2017]
Al Jazeera

Kenyan election annulled after result called before votes counted, says court[20/09/2017]
Jason Burke, The Guardian

Kenya opposition party: No repeat election unless demands are met [14/09/2017]
Spencer Feingold, CNN

L'élection présidentielle annulée au Kenya, une avancée pour le continent [01/09/2017]
Slate Afrique

Kenya : la Cour suprême annule l’élection présidentielle[01/09/2017]
Bruno Meyerfeld, Le Monde

Kenyan opposition leader to challenge election result in court[16/08/2017]
The Guardian 


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