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Guerra na Síria: escalada internacional
3 | Julho | 2018

Na sequência do alegado ataque com armas químicas a 7 de Abril no enclave rebelde de Douma, o Presidente norte-americano anunciou uma resposta militar contra o regime sírio, à qual se juntaram a França e o Reino Unido. A Rússia alertou para as consequências desta intervenção e, apesar da escalada das tensões a nível internacional, o Conselho de Segurança das Nações Unidas não conseguiu aprovar três resoluções para iniciar um processo de responsabilização sobre os ataques.

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Syria: Act Decisively or Not at All [11/04/2018]
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More U.S.-Israeli Coordination Could Change the Balance of Power in the Middle East [10/04/2018]
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Syrian people pay the price [03/05/2018]
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Japan Should Join Call For Real Syria Sanctions [16/04/2018]
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Syria’s political problem can’t have a military solution [15/04/2018]
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Western strikes are too little, too late [14/04/2018]
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Trump’s Approach to Syria Is No Way to Run a War [06/04/2018]
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After the fall of Eastern Ghouta, the Syrian civil war has graduated to a new phase [25/03/2018]
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Syrian Rebels in Surrender Talks in Southwest near Israel and Jordan [03/07/2018]
Louisa Loveluck, Washington Post

Syria cease-fire deal unravels as Trump, Putin prepare to meet [26/06/2018]
Laura Rozen, Al Monitor

Exode massif face à l'avancée des forces du régime dans le sud de la Syrie [26/06/2018]
Agence France Presse

Assad offensive creeps closer to southwest Syria ceasefire zone [24/06/2018]
Alexandra Gutowski & Caleb Weiss, Long War Journal

Syria’s Assad Defies U.S., Presses Southwest Assault [22/06/2018]
Angus McDowall & Tom Perry, Reuters

Assad Says He’s Open to Establishing Iranian Bases in Syria [14/06/2018]

European Leaders Agree Iranian Forces Must Leave Syria, Israeli Officials Say as Netanyahu Wraps Up Tour [07/06/2018]
Noa Landau, Haaretz

Russia Finds Navigating New Development Tricky in Syria [06/06/2018]
Anton Mardasov, Al-Monitor

Syrie : « violations graves du droit international » lors de la bataille de Rakka [05/06/2018]
Allan Kaval, Le Monde

Kahlon: We'll do everything to kick Iranians out of Syria [10/05/2018]
Ynet News

Israeli Minister: If Iran Attacks From Syria, Assad's 'Blood Is Forfeit' [07/05/2018]
Jerusalem Post

Syria’s Assad Presses Offensive, Missile Strikes Raise Escalation Risk [30/04/2018]
The Editors, Reuters

Iran, Russia, Turkey Close Ranks on Syria Coordination Amid U.S. Pressure [30/04/2018]
A Correspondent in Beirut, Al-Monitor

Syria: western nations seek to bypass Russian veto at UN[24/04/2018]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

Russia to Move Air Defenses to Syria 'Soon,' Warns Israel Against Attack [23/04/2018]
Anna Ahronheim, Jerusalem Post

US Syria effort hinges on unreliable Egypt [20/04/2018]
Jack Detsch, Al Monitor

Insurgents South of Syrian Capital Surrender [20/04/2018]
Angus McDowall, Reuters

Militants given 48 hours to surrender enclave near Damascus-report [19/04/2018]
Arab News

Bolton dealing to build an Arab military force in Syria [18/04/2018]
Zachary Cohen, CNN

Syrie: les difficultés de l’OIAC pour inspecter le site de Douma [18/04/2018]
Stéphanie Maupas et Benjamin Barthe, Le Monde

New war authorization from Congress unveiled following Syria strikes [17/04/2018]
Ted Barrett, CNN

The Latest: Officials say Turkey wants reduced Syria tension [17/04/2018]
Associated Press

Attaque chimique en Syrie: la difficile mission des inspecteurs internationaux [17/04/2018]
Le Figaro

Israel and U.S. Working Together to Blunt Iran's Expansion in Syria [17/04/2018]
Dion Nissenbaum and Rory Jones, Wall Street Journal

Inspectors reportedly reach alleged Syria chemical attack site [17/04/2018]
CBS News

Trump has reportedly halted new sanctions against Russia [17/04/2018]
Pat Ralph, Business Insider

Saudi Arabia says open to sending troops to Syria under wider coalition [17/04/2018]

Syrie: la défense antiaérienne victime d'une fausse alarme après les frappes occidentales [17/04/2018]
Le Figaro

Pentagon Denies Carrying out Military Operation in Syria’s Homs [17/04/2018]
Asharq Al Awsat

Israel Planning for Direct Retaliatory Attack from Iran [17/04/2018]
Anna Ahronheim, Jerusalem Post

S.Arabia Says Open To Sending Troops To Syria Under Wider Coalition [17/04/2018]
Jerusalem Post

Egypt to decline any request by US to send troops to Syria: former intelligence official [17/04/2018]
Taha Sakr, Egypt Independent

False alarm, not outside attack, sets off Syria air defences [17/04/2018]
Los Angeles Times

EU Threatens New Syrian Sanctions but No Clear Russian Target [16/04/2018]
Robin Emmott & Gabriela Baczynska, Reuters

Sabbagh: Tripartite aggression on Syria aimed at hindering work of fact-finding mission [16/04/2018]

Military Source: Israel Conducted April 9 Strike On Syrian Airbase [16/04/2018]
Jerusalem Post

Haley: US troops to stay in Syria until goals achieved [15/04/2018]
Al Jazeera

U.S. Plans to Impose Sanctions on Russia Over Alleged Chemical Weapons Use in Syria [15/04/2018]
Carol Morello & James McAuley, The Washington Post

What mission has the US accomplished in Syria? [15/04/2018]
Al Jazeera

Putin: Further Syria strikes to cause chaos in international ties [15/04/2018]
Al Jazeera

Assad's brutal strategy survives regardless of Trump's victory tweet [15/04/2018]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

Syria: western allies launch diplomatic offensive in wake of strikes [15/04/2018]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

China says Syrian strikes violate international law, urges dialogue [14/04/2018]

‘Mission Accomplished!’ But What Is the Mission in Syria? [14/04/2018]
Peter Baker, The New York Times

Syria fired 40 missiles 'at nothing' after allied air strikes destroyed three Assad chemical sites [14/04/2018]
Gareth Davies, The Telegraph

What are Syrians saying about the US-led attacks? [14/04/2018]
Al Jazeera

Netanyahu Tells Putin: Israel Will Not Permit an Iranian Military Presence in Syria [12/04/2018]

White House: Trump still weighing 'all options' on Syria despite military threats [11/04/2018]
Cristiano Lima, Politico

If Iran Acts Against Israel, the Assad Regime Will Disappear [11/04/2018]
Ben Caspit, Jerusalem Post

Kremlin to Trump: We don't engage in Twitter diplomacy [11/04/2018]
Al Jazeera

Israel Moves to Block Iran's Military Presence in Syria [11/04/2018]
Amos Harel, Haaretz

WHO demands access to 'chemical attack' victims in Syria [11/04/2018]
Susan McFarland, UPI

Top iranian official says israel to face 'response' over air base attack [10/04/2018]
Jerusalem Post

Russia says it warned U.S. of 'grave repercussions' if Syria attacked [09/04/2018]
Michelle Nichols, Reuters

Syria to chair UN disarmament forum on chemical & nuclear weapons; watchdog calls on US &EU to walk out [09/04/2018]
UN Watch

White House: US and France promise a 'strong, joint response' on Syria after suspected chemical attack [09/04/2018]
Tara Francis Chan, Business Insider

Trump to Decide Soon Whether to Retaliate for ‘Barbaric Act’ in Syria [09/04/2018]
Peter Baker, New York Times

Mattis 'not ruling out' Syria military action after Douma attack [09/04/2018]
Al Jazeera

Iran-Israel Conflict Escalates in Shadow of Syrian Civil War [09/04/2018]
Ben Hubbard and David M. Halbfinger, New York Times

Syria chemical attack: Scores killed in Douma, rescuers say [08/04/2018]
Al Jazeera

Trump Drops Push for Immediate Withdrawal of Troops from Syria [04/04/2018]
Julie Hirschfeld Davis, New York Times

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