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Golpe de Estado em Myanmar
3 | agosto | 2021

No golpe militar de 1 de fevereiro em Myanmar, os militares prenderam a presidente Aung San Suu Kyi e vários membros do governo e Parlamento, provocando protestos massivos por todo o país. Apesar da forte condenação internacional ao golpe de estado e da resistência civil (violentamente reprimida), os militares procuram consolidar o regime e Aung San Suu Kyi enfrenta julgamento por fraude eleitoral.

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Daily Briefing in Relation to the Military Coup

Myanmar’s Coup and Violence, Explained [29/05//2021]
Russell Goldman, New York Times

Programa Mapa Mundo - Crimes contra a humanidade sobre as minorias muçulmanas na China e a repressão dos militares sobre a população em Myanmar [20/04/2021]
Raquel Vaz-Pinto & Luís Mah, IPRI-NOVA & TSF

Programa Mapa Mundo - Myanmar perto de uma guerra civil e o drama dos deslocados em Cabo Delgado [06/04/2021]
Raquel Vaz-Pinto & Alexandra Magnólia Dias, IPRI-NOVA & TSF

The Cost of the Coup: Myanmar Edges Toward State Collapse [01/04/2021]
International Crisis Group

The Current Situation in Burma [08/03/2021]

Why Did Tatmadaw's War Fighters Seize Power? [24/02/2021]
Arthur Swan Ye Tun, The Diplomat

Myanmar’s Troubled History: Coups, Military Rule, and Ethnic Conflict [09/02/2021]
Lindsay Maizland, CFR

Passo atrás em Myanmar [04/02/2021]
Raquel Vaz Pinto, TSF


Opiniões & Análises
How the Milk Tea Alliance Is Remaking Myanmar [23/07/2021]
Jasmine Chia and Scott Singer, The Diplomat

ASEAN's Response to Myanmar Coup Is Failing [21/07/2021]
Olivia Enos & Patrick Coe, RealClearWorld

Myanmar Collapses into a COVID-19 Nightmare [20/07/2021]
Joshua Kurlantzick, CFR

Myanmar's Army Will Do Whatever It Takes to Hold Onto Power [15/07/2021]
Francesca Baronio, ISPI

Why Are Chinese Troops Assembling on Myanmar Border? [06/07/2021]
John Walsh, East Asia Forum

Taking Aim at the Tatmadaw: The New Armed Resistance to Myanmar’s Coup [28/06/2021]
International Crisis Group

ASEAN’s Future Will Be Decided in Myanmar [21/06/2021]
Evan A. Laksmana, Foreign Policy

UN resolution on Myanmar reveals wider realities [21/06/2021]
Swaran Singh, Asia Times

Why is the future of Myanmar hanging in the balance? [19/06/2021]
Mohammad Amjad Hossain, Jerusalem Post

Recognizing Myanmar's Unity Government [19/06/2021]
Alex Aung Khant & David Camroux, East Asia Forum

Aung San Suu Kyi trial: how Myanmar’s judicial system is stacked against the deposed leader [17/06/2021]
Anna Plunkett, The Conversation

Courage And Terror In Myanmar [16/06/2021]
Preeti Jha, New Internationalist

Myanmar’s Humanitarian Crisis Deepens [15/06/2021]
Joshua Kurlantzick, CFR

Myanmar’s Coming Revolution: What Will Emerge From Collapse? [11/06/2021]
Thant Myint-U, Foreign Affairs

Diplomacy Stalls Amidst Spiraling Violence in Myanmar Since the Coup [11/06/2021]
Soufan Center

The Arakan Army, Myanmar Military Coup and Politics of Arakan [10/06/2021]
Kyaw Lynn, TNI

Why the National Unity Government’s Statement on Myanmar’s Rohingya Is Important [09/06/2021]
Angshuman Choudhury, The Diplomat

Myanmar: China, the Coup and the Future [04/06/2021]
Jason Tower & Priscilla A. Clapp, USIP

The Real Kingmakers of Myanmar [04/06/2021]
Min Zin, New York Times

Myanmar faces perfect storm as political stalemate deepens [02/06/2021]
Gareth Price, Chatham House

Help Contain the Damage of Myanmar’s Military Coup [26/05/2021]
International Crisis Group

ASEAN’s Myanmar dilemma [23/05/2021]
Barry Desker, East Asia Forum

Civil War in Myanmar [21/05/2021]
Felix Heiduk, SWP

Myanmar’s Military Struggles to Control the Virtual Battlefield [18/05/2021]
International Crisis Group

Japan’s Ambivalent Diplomacy in Myanmar [13/05/2021]
Daisuke Akimoto, The Diplomat

The battle for Myanmar is far from over [13/05/2021]
Adam Taylor, Washington Post

ASEAN in Myanmar Crisis Driver's Seat [28/04/2021]
Kavi Chongkittavorn, Bangkok Post

Will the Asean summit be a turning point for Myanmar? [27/04/2021]
Sholto Byrnes, The National

ASEAN must use weekend summit to save Myanmar [23/04/2021]
Yanghee Lee, Nikkei

Could Defecting Security Forces Bring Down the Military in Myanmar? [23/04/2021]
Natasha Lindstaedt, Global Observatory

ASEAN has risked too much in inviting Myanmar’s junta leader to summit [23/04/2021]
Huong Le Thu, The Strategist

ASEAN’s Myanmar Crisis: Part 2 [22/04/2021]
Joshua Kurlantzick, CFR

From Myanmar to Afghanistan: are we seeing the end of western interventions? [20/04/2021]
Sholto Byrnes, The National

The Looming Catastrophe in Myanmar [15/04/2021]
Derek J. Mitchell, Foreign Affairs

Myanmar’s Young Demand Their Future [08/04/2021]
Achim Steiner, Project Syndicate

What next for Myanmar? [08/04/2021]
J Scott Younger, IFIMES

The Death of Journalism in Myanmar [07/04/2021]
Robert Bociaga, The Diplomat

How total violence has become the Myanmar military's chosen route to power [07/04/2021]
Francis Wade, New Statesman

The Global Tremors of Myanmar’s Coup [02/04/2021]
Thitinan Pongsudhirak, Project Syndicate

Can Myanmar’s Protesters Win? [01/04/2021]
Tom Fawthrop, The Diplomat

Why China’s non-interference in Myanmar is misjudged [26/03/2021]
Gareth Price, Chatham House

The Myanmar military is destroying its public image. Politics won’t be the same. [26/03/2021]
Maung Zarni, Washington Post

How is it to live under the military coup in Myanmar? [25/03/2021]
Helene Maria Kyed, DIIS

Multi-ethnic unity against the military in Myanmar is crucial [22/03/2021]
Helene Maria Kyed, DIIS

Myanmar’s Crisis Is Starting to Spill Beyond its Borders [19/03/2021]
Sebastian Strangio, The Diplomat

As Myanmar’s Turmoil Gets Worse, External Actors Should Prepare for Refugee Flows [18/03/2021]
Joshua Kurlantzick, CFR

Myanmar’s people are fighting back — even as the military guns them down [17/03/2021]
Frida Ghitis, Washington Post

Can Myanmar’s civil disobedience movement restore democracy? [17/03/2021]
Nicola Williams, East Asia Forum

New Crisis, New Opportunity in Myanmar [09/03/2021]
Iqbal Quadir, Real Clear World

Myanmar coup: how China could help resolve the crisis [08/03/2021]
Matteo Fumagalli, The Conversation

Myanmar's Month-Long 'Phony War' Is Over  [08/03/2021]
Bill Hayton, Chatham House

The incredible courage of Myanmar’s protesters [05/03/2021]
Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post

Thanks to the internet, we know what’s happening in Myanmar. But a communication blackout may be near [03/03/2021]
Susan Banki, The Conversation

As in Myanmar, Coups are Becoming More Successful, and More Sophisticated [01/03/2021]
Joshua Kurlantzick, CFR

Western powers' empty rhetoric is making things worse for Myanmar's people [27/02/2021]
Gabrielle Aron & Francis Wade, The Guardian

Human-rights due diligence and Myanmar [26/02/2021]
Frank Hoffer, Social Europe

Myanmar’s protesters include shirtless bodybuilders and beauty queens in tiaras. Why? [26/02/2021]
Jessica Trisko Darden, Washington Post

A Close-up View of Myanmar’s Leaderless Mass Protests [26/02/2021]
Richard Horsey, International Crisis Group

Myanmar’s Military Coup and the “Age of Impunity” [24/02/2021]
Damian Lilly & Richard Bennett, Global Observatory

Why Did the Tatmadaw’s ‘War Fighters’ Seize Power? [24/02/2021]
Arthur Swan Ye Tun, The Diplomat

Myanmar: Optimism and Fear [22/02/2021]
Joshua Kurlantzick, CFR

Myanmar: the EU needs to play the ASEAN card [22/02/2021]
Marco Bünte & David Camroux, EU Observer

En Birmanie, les très mercantiles motivations des généraux putschistes [21/02/2021]
Dominique Moïsi, Les Echos

Where were the protesters when the Rohingya were being murdered? [21/02/2021]
Kenan Malik, The Guardian

The exclusion of women in Myanmar politics helped fuel the military coup [21/02/2021]
Gabrielle Bardall & Elin Bjarnegård, The Conversation

The Return of Myanmar's 'Revolutionary Spirit' [19/02/2021]
Prachi Vidwans, World Politics Review

Myanmar’s coup might discourage international aid, but donors should adapt, not leave [19/02/2021]
Anne Décobert, The Conversation

Myanmar vs. Its Generals [18/02/2021]
Jonathan Tepperman & Thant Myint-U, Foreign Policy

The Return of Myanmar's 'Revolutionary Spirit' [18/02/2021]
Prachi Vidwans, World Politics Review

Myanmar - a new litmus test for EU's support for democracy [17/02/2021]
Emilie Lehmann-Jacobsen, EU Observer

Internet blackouts in Myanmar allow the military to retain control [17/02/2021]
Cassandra Preece & Helen Beny, The Conversation

China's Quiet Flex on Myanmar Coup [15/02/2021]
Bruno Philip, Worldcrunch

The generals in Myanmar are not as secure as they look [11/02/2021]
Francis Wade, The Guardian

Biden is doing the right things on Myanmar. But will it matter? [11/02/2021]
Josh Rogin, Washington Post

Washington’s Window Is Closing Fast in Myanmar [11/02/2021]
Hunter Marston & John Lichtefeld, Foreign Policy

«Aucune puissance ne risquera ses intérêts en Birmanie pour sauver la démocratisation du pays» [10/02/2021]
Antoine Charif Sfeir, Le Figaro

At the Heart of Myanmar’s New Uprising, a Simple Demand [09/02/2021]
Kyaw Zwa Moe, The Irrawaddy

Myanmar’s military arrests the civilian government—and democracy [09/02/2021]
Jonathan T Chow & Leif-Eric Easley, Daily Star

Myanmar: Calling a coup a coup [08/02/2021]
Adam Simpson, The Interpreter

Aung San Suu Kyi, les Rohingya, l’armée et le coup d’État [08/02/2021]
Frédéric Debomy, IRIS

The world’s bad guys are winning. Is anyone going to stand up to them? [08/02/2021]
Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

Myanmar After the 2021 Coup: Internal Security and Geopolitical Consequences [05/02/2021]
Ankit Panda, The Diplomat

Myanmar’s civil–military maelstrom [05/02/2021]
Marco Bünte, East Asia Forum

Don’t Isolate Myanmar [05/02/2021]
Brahma Chellaney, Project Syndicate

The Death Knell of Myanmar’s Democracy? [05/02/2021]
David Scott Mathieson, World Politics Review

Myanmar’s Coup Emblematic of Regional Democracy Failures [04/02/2021]
Joshua Kurlantzick, CFR

After Myanmar’s coup [04/02/2021]
Shashi Tharoor, The Strategist

Myanmar, ¿es posible reanudar el diálogo? [04/02/2021]
Marco Mezzera, ES Global

After Myanmar Coup, Biden’s Asian Allies May Balk at Sanctions Against Military [04/02/2021]
Simon Denyer, The Washington Post

Myanmar coup has no constitutional basis [03/02/2021]
Melissa Crouch, East Asia Forum

The Coup in Myanmar: Why Now? [03/02/2021]
Phillip Orchard, Geopolitical Futures

The coup in Myanmar: What do we know? [03/02/2021]
Andrew Selth, The Interpreter

Military Coup in Myanmar has wide-ranging Implications [03/02/2021]
Soufan Center

Myanmar Lays Bare Challenges of Military-Led Democratization [03/02/2021]
Darin Self, Global Observatory

Myanmar coup on the pretext of a constitutional fig leaf [03/02/2021]
Melissa Crouch, UNSW

After Myanmar’s Coup [03/02/2021]
Shashi Tharoor, Project Syndicate

Will Myanmar return back to the dark ages? [02/02/2021]
Sreeparna Banerjee, ORF

After Myanmar Coup, U.S. Must Nudge Military To Share Power With Suu Kyi [02/02/2021]
Charles Dunst, NPR

End of Myanmar’s Rocky Road to Democracy? [02/02/2021]
Sana Jaffrey, CEIP

Myanmar’s Coup Was a Chronicle Foretold [02/02/2021]
Sebastian Strangio, Foreign Affairs

Making Sense of Myanmar's Coup  [02/02/2021]
Mikael Gravers, East Asia Forum

Myanmar’s long road to democracy remains on hold [02/02/2021]
Gareth Price, Chatham House

Will China Provide Cover for Myanmar’s Coup Makers? [02/02/2021]
Aung Zaw, The Irrawaddy

Myanmar’s Déjà Vu Coup [02/02/2021]
Timothy Mclaughlin, The Atlantic

Myanmar’s Military Seizes Power [01/02/2021]
Gregory B. Poling & Simon Tran Hudes, CSIS

Birmanie : un coup d’État prévisible ? [01/02/2021]
Barthélémy Courmont, IRIS

Myanmar's Coup Shouldn't Surprise Anyone [01/02/2021]
Salil Tripathi, Foreign Policy

Political Ghosts Come Back to Haunt Myanmar [29/01/2021]
Kyaw Zwa Moe, The Irrawaddy


Birmanie: les atours civils d’une junte impuissante [03/08/2021]
Le Monde

Those Who Support Myanmar’s Junta Can Only Lose [14/06/2021]
The Irrawaddy

Myanmar has imprisoned 50 journalists — including two Americans. They should all be freed. [10/06/2021]
Washington Post

Trying to Legitimize Myanmar’s Regime Can Only Backfire for China [07/06/2021]
The Irrawaddy

The steps the West must take to save Myanmar [25/05/2021]
Washington Post

It’s time to cut off the gas for Myanmar’s military coup leaders [22/04/2021]
Washington Post

ASEAN Summit on Myanmar Should Include NUG, Not Legitimize Junta [20/04/2021]
The Irrawaddy

Mayhem in Myanmar: On the violence during Myanmar's Armed Forces' Day [07/04/2021]
The Hindu

The way forward: on Myanmar's political situation [23/03/2021]
The Hindu

Send a message to Myanmar [30/03/2021]
Hindustan Times

The Myanmar Cauldron [29/03/2021]
Wall Street Journal

New massacres by Myanmar’s military demand a tougher U.S. response [29/03/2021]
Washington Post

Myanmar's democracy and health on life support [20/03/2021]
The Lancet

A tougher global response is needed to the Myanmar coup [02/03/2021]
Financial Times

En Birmanie, l’espoir broyé par l’armée [01/03/2021]
Le Monde

Myanmar needs help [25/02/2021]
Bangkok Post

Support the Resistance in Myanmar [18/02/2021]
New York Times

The people of Myanmar have been robbed of their democracy. But they aren’t giving up. [12/02/2021]
Washington Post

Myanmar and India’s crackdowns on social media sites are appalling [09/02/2021]
Washington Post

Birmanie: le pari perdu d’Aung San Suu Kyi [03/02/2021]
Le Monde

Myanmar’s coup shocks the world: A blow to democracy [02/02/2021]
Daily Star

Le dictateur birman s’autoproclame premier ministre [03/08/2021]
Bruno Philip, Le Monde

Myanmar Junta Forms Caretaker Government, Promises Elections in 2023 [02/08/2021]
Sebastian Strangio, The Diplomat

Brunei candidate mulled as ASEAN special envoy to Myanmar [02/08/2021]
Kyodo News

Six months after Myanmar coup, battle for diplomatic recognition [01/08/2021]
John Liu & Rory Wallace, Al Jazeera

FOCUS: Six months on, military-ruled Myanmar remains in turmoil [01/08/2021]
Kyodo News

Protests, accusations against Myanmar junta six months on from coup [31/07/2021]

Myanmar anti-junta militia vow to take on army in a major city [22/06/2021]

Russia and Myanmar junta leader commit to boosting ties at Moscow meeting [21/06/2021]

Myanmar: Private Council Meeting [17/06/2021]
Security Council Report

Myanmar village burned after fighting; residents blame security forces [16/06/2021]

Trial of Aung San Suu Kyi begins in closed courtoom in Myanmar [14/06/2021]
Rebecca Ratcliffe, The Guardian

Myanmar’s pro-Rohingya social media campaign gathers mass support [14/06/2021]
Al Jazeera

Myanmar junta media accuse ethnic army of killing 25 workers [14/06/2021]

Schools occupied, attacked amid turmoil of post-coup Myanmar [14/06/2021]
Al Jazeera

UN decries Myanmar ‘catastrophe’ as Aung San Suu Kyi’s trial looms [11/06/2021]
Rebecca Ratcliffe, The Guardian

China’s Myanmar Policy ‘Not Affected’ by Post-Coup Chaos: Official [10/06/2021]
Sebastian Strangio, The Diplomat

Myanmar targets Aung San Suu Kyi with new corruption charges [10/06/2021]
Al Jazeera

UN Expert Says Myanmar Attacks Risk Humanitarian Tragedy [10/06/2021]
Grant Peck, The Diplomat

Myanmar: The mysterious deaths of the NLD party officials [08/06/2021]
Jonathan Head, BBC

U.N. says 100,000 flee fighting in Myanmar border state [08/06/2021]

‘The darkest days are coming’: Myanmar’s journalists suffer at hands of junta [07/06/2021]
Al Jazeera

Having fled Myanmar's coup to the jungle, these young activists are now being trained in combat [07/06/2021]
Mazoe Ford, ABC

Myanmar’s Opposition Shadow Government ‘No Longer Has Faith’ in ASEAN [07/06/2021]
Sebastian Strangio, The Diplomat

Villages empty, civilian armed groups rise in eastern Myanmar [07/06/2021]
Emily Fishbein, Nu Nu Lusan & Zau Myet Awng, Al Jazeera

ASEAN envoys meet Myanmar junta leader to press for dialogue [05/06/2021]
Jerry Harmer, Washington Post

ASEAN envoys arrive in Myanmar for talks with junta chief [04/06/2021]
France 24

Myanmar Pressure Campaign Stalls at the United Nations [04/06/2021]
Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy

Rise of armed civilian groups in Myanmar fuels fears of full-scale civil war [01/06/2021]
Rebecca Ratcliffe, The Guardian

Aung San Suu Kyi Makes First Court Appearance Since Coup [25/05/2021]
Hannah Beech, New York Times

Myanmar: The small embattled town that stood up to the army [22/05/2021]
Jonathan Head, BBC

Spiraling conflict in Myanmar sends thousands fleeing as military targets rebels [21/05/2021]
Shibani Mahtani, Washington Post

How Myanmar’s military moved in on the telecoms sector to spy on citizens [19/05/2021]
Fanny Potkin & Poppy Mcpherson, Reuters

The Danger of Defending the Defenseless in Myanmar [18/05/2021]
Robert Bociaga, The Diplomat

Myanmar election: No evidence fraud in 2020 vote, observers say [17/05/2021]

Myanmar anti-coup fighters retreat from town as U.S. makes appeal [16/05/2021]

Three Months After Coup, Myanmar Returns to the ‘Bad Old Days’ [06/05/2021]
Hannah Beech, New York Times

Myanmar military ruler to attend ASEAN summit in 1st foreign trip [17/04/2021]
Al Jazeera

Myanmar Coup Foes Tout Minority-Backed Shadow Government [16/04/2021]
Associated Press

Myanmar Security Forces Arrest Prominent Leader of Anti-Coup Campaign [15/04/2021]

Myanmar ambassador to London locked out of embassy after breaking with military [07/04/2021]
Guy Faulconbridge, Reuters

As Myanmar’s security forces crush anti-coup protests, more and more children are dying [29/03/2021]
Washington Post

Birmanie: la Russie se dit «préoccupée» par le nombre croissant de civils tués [29/03/2021]
Le Figaro

Inside Myanmar’s Army: ‘They See Protesters as Criminals’ [28/03/2021]
Hannah Beech, The New York Times

Birmanie : l'UE et Biden condamnent une violence «inacceptable» [28/03/2021]
Le Figaro

As Myanmar death toll climbs, a soldier’s wife is caught between protesters and military [27/03/2021]
Timothy McLaughlin, Washington Post

Birmanie: l'armée défile tandis que l'opposition compte ses morts [27/03/2021]
Le Figaro

For Foreign Businesses in Myanmar, Coup Creates ‘Unworkable’ Situation [21/03/2021]
Jon Emont, Wall Street Journal

Thailand braces as refugees from Myanmar coup flee to border regions [18/03/2021]
Panu Wongcha-um & Poppy McPherson, Reuters

Black Sunday in Myanmar: Dozens Killed as Martial Law Declared [15/03/2021]
Sebastian Strangio, The Diplomat

Myanmar police who fled to India say they refused orders to shoot protesters [11/03/2021]

Myanmar security forces raid media HQ as opposition crackdown spreads [08/03/2021]
The Guardian

Myanmar: Tens of thousands turn out for Sunday protests despite overnight raids [07/03/2021]
The Guardian

Dozens killed in Myanmar's worst day of violence since coup [03/03/2021]
The Guardian

Aung San Suu Kyi faces four charges as Myanmar junta cracks down on dissent [01/03/2021]
The Guardian

Oil companies urged to make sure no money flows from Myanmar projects to military junta [01/03/2021]
Ben Butler & Ben Doherty, The Guardian

UK unveils aid ban and fresh sanctions over Myanmar coup [25/02/2021]
Cristina Gallardo, Politico

Strike shuts Myanmar, anti-coup protesters defy junta warning [22/02/2021]

EU ‘stands ready’ to impose sanctions on Myanmar [22/02/2021]
Adam Bouzi, Politico

Myanmar protesters hold general strike as crowds push for 'five twos revolution' [22/02/2021]
The Guardian

EU to impose targeted sanctions on Myanmar junta [18/02/2021]
Andrew Rettman, EU Observer

Myanmar coup: What is happening and why? [18/02/2021]
Alice Cuddy, BBC News

Myanmar's internet shutdown: what's going on and will it crush dissent? [17/02/2021]
The Guardian

Myanmar coup protesters mass to reject army claim of support [17/02/2021]

Myanmar military files new charge against Aung San Suu Kyi [16/02/2021]
Michael Safi, The Guardian

Myanmar's Military Takes Full Control [14/02/2021]
Hannah Beach, New York Times

On Myanmar, Biden has multilateral ambitions but little leverage [12/02/2021]
Ryo Nakamura & Shohei Kanaya, Nikkei

Myanmar Coup: The View From Yangon [12/02/2021]
Hugh Bohane, The Diplomat

Election officials detained in Myanmar 'in bid to prove fraud' [12/02/2021]
Emanuel Stoakes, Michael Safi & Guardian repórter, The Guardian

Myanmar junta targets sweeping data access with cybersecurity bill [12/02/2021]
Thompson Chau, Nikkei

Ties with Myanmar military put pressure on western companies [12/02/2021]
Martin Farrer & Ben Doherty , THe Guardian

Why Did It Take a Coup in Myanmar? [12/02/2021]
Timothy Mclaughlin, The Atlantic

'We all know what we're facing': divided Myanmar unites against coup [10/02/2021]
The Guardian

Biden, Modi Discuss Myanmar Coup [09/02/2021]
The Irrawaddy

In Myanmar coup, grievance and ambition drove military chief’s power grab [09/02/2021]
Shibani Mahtani & Timothy McLaughlin, Washington Post

Rakhine Party Under Pressure for Taking Position on Military Regime’s Governing Body [09/02/2021]
The Irrawaddy

Myanmar embraces Russian arms to offset China's influence [09/02/2021]
Marwaan Macan-Markar, Nikkei Asia

Rohingya Activists Are Hoping That the Coup in Myanmar Will Be a Turning Point for Their Struggle [08/02/2021]
Amy Gunia, Time

Thousands More Civil Servants Join Movement Against Myanmar Military [08/02/2021]
The Irrawaddy

La Birmanie face au double jeu chinois [08/02/2021]
Bruno Philip, Le Monde

Who is Myanmar junta chief Min Aung Hlaing? 5 things to know [06/02/2021]
Dominic Faulder, Nikkei Asia

Why the generals really took back power in Myanmar [06/02/2021]
Helen Regan, CNN

Thousands Join Peaceful Protests Against Myanmar Military [05/02/2021]
Zaw Zaw Htwe, The Irrawaddy

Protests Against Myanmar Junta Spread Despite Arrests [04/02/2021]

Inside the coup that toppled Aung San Suu Kyi's government [03/02/2021]
Gwen Robinson & Francesca Regalado & Thompson Chau, Nikkei Asian Review

What you need to know about the coup in Myanmar [02/02/2021]
Thin Lei Win, Politico 

Myanmar coup is a test for Biden and the U.S. role as a champion of democracy [02/02/2021]
Anne Gearan & John Hudson, Washington Post

EU leaders condemn military coup in Myanmar [01/02/2021]
William Adkins, Politico

How Aung San Suu Kyi, arrested Myanmar leader, went from Nobel Peace Prize to pariah [01/02/2021]
Adam Taylor, Washington Post

Myanmar coup: Aung San Suu Kyi detained as military seizes control [01/02/2021]

Explained: Why are there fears of an impending coup in Myanmar? [29/01/2021]
Nirupama Subramanian, Indian Express

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